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  1. Server is still up and running, feel free to join or get your own at https://www.gomotech-hosting.com
  2. If you guys run World-edit maybe you could try re-generating few chunks around the area of explosion. But keep in mind that this will delete everything that's been built. Or a second, more reliable solution would be to delete this particular region file from the server and let it re-generate (make sure to backup your files <server> before doing something like that).
  3. Are you playing on Single player or Multiplayer? .. If multiplayer, then I guess those specific liquids have been banned on the server.
  4. Hello, was wondering about my discord ban duration. Username: Gomo
  5. Server has been taken down for an upgrade & will be back <online> within next 24h.
  6. Gomo

    @ Khionu

    Stay out of things you don't know shit about. Here are the Technic discord rules which were active at the day I got banned http://pastebin.com/jWKMgtUH Additional notice based on what? I never asked anyone to advertise there for me. Let's not beat around the bush, mind explaining why I got banned without any warnings / explanation? And also, it would be nice if you guys could finally decide what the reason was. Because according to you, I got banned for breaking a rule that never existed and according to Maiden for not "waiting few pages" (which is just horrible, I mean, how could somebody do such a terrible thing ...).. As for the "drama", yeah, let's just ignore the fact that I got banned because of someone's incompetence to do their job properly.
  7. Wow, you dare joining my discord and spreading your bullshit stories? It's hilarious to see what you came up with as the reason this time. This 15 line bullshit was never in the rules at the time I got banned, do you homework right. And even if you unbanned me, I wouldn't join back to your 'professionaly' managed discord & its mature staff. Nor did I ever ask anyone go there and post ads for me. As for the "one way communication",/ preventing people from contacting you & banning them without notice / explanation or hearing their side of the story.. Just keep spreading your cancer over this community and it'll be dead before you know it.
  8. I guess you figured it out by now.. Gonna explain anyways for those who don't know. Basically every time the particle reaches 100% velocity, it 'crashes' / 'explodes' and produces antimatter (few milligrams). Once the amount reaches 125mg, it'll get stored inside of an empty cell as 'Antimatter' 125mg'
  9. Gomo


    .. that is, if he has 64 bit Java installed.
  10. Your PC specs have nothing to do with latency lag. Important question here is, what's the max bandwidth (download/upload) on the hosting (server) computer? Majority of people have dynamic IP addresses -> not practical unless you're using dynamic DNS update software (like No-IP for example).. Also, hamachi doesn't add that much latency.. 10-40 ms max.
  11. Hello, would be nice if you didn't lock the thread and actually let me answer / state my side of the story. http://forums.technicpack.net/forum/7-off-topic-discussion/?do=add Reason why I got banned quoting 'bochen415' : "failure to follow the server ad guidelines after multiple warnings" . Discord '#servers' / advertising rule: 9) When advertising in #servers and #platform-packs, be wary about how your advertisement makes the channel look. Don't post ads more often than every 4-6 hours in any circumstance, and only re-post your ad if the chat is moving fast enough that your old ad was pushed off the last few pages of chat. If a moderator asks you to slow your roll, please comply. I'm well aware of the rules and do my best to follow them. This is the picture of my first and only warning that I got on your discord server, and it was from "Khionu" And this is the post before last one in #servers section: (date, October 10.th) And this is the picture of my last post.. well, you can't see it because it was deleted.: (October 22.th) I posted my ad right after 'Zilacon' did and got immediately banned without any warning / message. I'd really appreciate it if you guys could reconsider your decision. I've been a part of this community for a longer period of time now, and I feel like I didn't deserve getting banned for this (imo) minor mistake. -kind regards- Gomo
  12. Use this option: And make sure to login using your "username" not "email" address. (once you've reset your password) good luck!
  13. Hey there, @mods I was wondering if you guys banned me from the Technic's Discord server? And if so, why? .. Made this post because there's no way to check, at least I'm not aware of it. Thanks!
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