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  1. This thread is ridiculous. So after reading all the posts and the general direction people want to go, they want to basically add all the mods to Voltz that Tekkit has so this is really all just about how people want to play Tekkit. There is a modpack called Tekkit that allows you to play Tekkit! Voltz is a different modpack for a different style of play and PvP. It's in its early stages but it doesn't have the fundamental problems that Tekkit has--such as once you can make infinite whatever, what is the point? Voltz actually has a sense of challenge in it since people can't just mass produce infinite diamonds and they actually have to play in order to enjoy it. -Crimsus
  2. I keep seeing posts of people that are complaining that they can't update their world from 1.0.7 to a later version because of block ids being swapped. This was posted over a week ago: It's an easy fix that doesn't require alteration of your .jar files in the Voltz modpack.
  3. No one is being a chump. Go check this out to fix it: It's an easy fix that doesn't require changing the .jar files.
  4. Please forgive my ignorance here, but I'm just getting into running my own Tekkit server. I saw the post on the News page here on what is going on. Seeing as I'm not quite in the know on what is going on there's a lot of negative outlooks but no clear picture on what this means for everyone. Can someone state what the bottom line up front is? Does this mean Tekkit/Technic will slowly die?