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  1. Actually, I ran into this problem. I disabled both and it still had the issue. I cleared the cache and tried updating, went really slow and kept trying to install minecraft.jar. I closed, it and reopened it, cleared the cache again and it installed just fine.
  2. I just feel like stating this, because everyone has forgotten about one simple thing. Have you heard of the Enchantment table? It has an enchantment called Fortune 3. It means when you mine an ore that doesn't need to be refined (Emerald, Diamond, Coal.) you get more! Thus, I have a good supply of Diamonds.
  3. Emeralds exist. I have found about seven so far on my server. I had originally noticed a lack of Iron spawning in one world, then in another there was ALOT more. I am assuming the Ore spawn rates have NOT been messed with, and it's just the seeds.
  4. Lear, I like the way the boring machine works. It adds realism, and I think that it's good enough. In all honesty, if you need automatic mining THIS badly, you really need to play default minecraft more. The boring machine, though time consuming to make an supply, is an excellent work horse. Lays tracks for you, and as soon as I find out a way to put down a pattern with the machine I will be making entire rail ways with the bore.
  5. You get Obsidian ingots by putting Obsidian blocks into an Enrichment chamber. You will get one dust. Next you need to get a Platnium compressor, which requires power and a platinium ingot to create a single obsidian ingot. I HIGHLY reccomend putting a Speed Upgrade into the platinum compressor as it absorbs alot of Platinum in the process.
  6. ICBM can be confusing at times, feel free to ask any questions
  7. You could also make it where the Radar station detects a missile in 50 yards, sending a signal, then the EMP sets off the wave going 70 blocks.
  8. I think it might have been because we were using an older version on Voltz, I haven't tried it yet. If it works then I am sorry.
  9. I see no problem with putting this guide in other areas, I want people to know you can defend against the ICBM mod.
  10. If that happened then you could move bases. Although the chances that you can move an entire base with Frames in the time it takes a missile to hit your base is slim to none.
  11. Thank you Jay! Is there also a way to delete the post? I made a post earlier and it needs to be outright deleted.
  12. You have a vehicle mod! Given it takes time to lay down the way, you can easily make minecart tracks leading to a base. Not only that, you can get it to unload itself automagically into a chest. Also, the travel can be very fast, use HS rails if you have the resources.
  13. Fair enough. Anyways, I am going to put in practical uses for this, it will take some time for me to learn all the dynamics required, and possibly finding a way this will dig down. Also, if someone CAN find a way to change the title, please tell me. It was inteded to tell you about when and where to use it, but it ended up being a guide to it instead.
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