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  1. Actually, I ran into this problem. I disabled both and it still had the issue. I cleared the cache and tried updating, went really slow and kept trying to install minecraft.jar. I closed, it and reopened it, cleared the cache again and it installed just fine.
  2. I just feel like stating this, because everyone has forgotten about one simple thing. Have you heard of the Enchantment table? It has an enchantment called Fortune 3. It means when you mine an ore that doesn't need to be refined (Emerald, Diamond, Coal.) you get more! Thus, I have a good supply of Diamonds.
  3. Emeralds exist. I have found about seven so far on my server. I had originally noticed a lack of Iron spawning in one world, then in another there was ALOT more. I am assuming the Ore spawn rates have NOT been messed with, and it's just the seeds.
  4. Lear, I like the way the boring machine works. It adds realism, and I think that it's good enough. In all honesty, if you need automatic mining THIS badly, you really need to play default minecraft more. The boring machine, though time consuming to make an supply, is an excellent work horse. Lays tracks for you, and as soon as I find out a way to put down a pattern with the machine I will be making entire rail ways with the bore.
  5. You get Obsidian ingots by putting Obsidian blocks into an Enrichment chamber. You will get one dust. Next you need to get a Platnium compressor, which requires power and a platinium ingot to create a single obsidian ingot. I HIGHLY reccomend putting a Speed Upgrade into the platinum compressor as it absorbs alot of Platinum in the process.
  6. ICBM can be confusing at times, feel free to ask any questions
  7. You could also make it where the Radar station detects a missile in 50 yards, sending a signal, then the EMP sets off the wave going 70 blocks.
  8. I think it might have been because we were using an older version on Voltz, I haven't tried it yet. If it works then I am sorry.
  9. I see no problem with putting this guide in other areas, I want people to know you can defend against the ICBM mod.
  10. If that happened then you could move bases. Although the chances that you can move an entire base with Frames in the time it takes a missile to hit your base is slim to none.
  11. Thank you Jay! Is there also a way to delete the post? I made a post earlier and it needs to be outright deleted.
  12. You have a vehicle mod! Given it takes time to lay down the way, you can easily make minecart tracks leading to a base. Not only that, you can get it to unload itself automagically into a chest. Also, the travel can be very fast, use HS rails if you have the resources.
  13. Fair enough. Anyways, I am going to put in practical uses for this, it will take some time for me to learn all the dynamics required, and possibly finding a way this will dig down. Also, if someone CAN find a way to change the title, please tell me. It was inteded to tell you about when and where to use it, but it ended up being a guide to it instead.
  14. In volts, we know there are many new nasty ways to kill people. Explosives amongst the many, but also the less famous spike trap. The first defense against a player is simple: HIDE! Camoflauge is an easy to use block, also decently cheap. Now, in order to use this, you will need: The block you want to use to be camoflauged. Next, you will need a Wrench. These are expensive, costing 1 diamond and 3 iron to make. The interesting thing about camo is that you can make windows on the iside that you can see out of, but they can't see in the window. This is the first line of defense. If they find you, then you will want to have land mines and traps set up EVERYWHERE. I mean everywhere. Anywhere you can see someone going, set a trap there. USE GLASS PRESSURE PADS. They are near impossible to see in the ground, making some nasty suprises possible. The best traps contain multiple explosives. The condensed explosive is a key part of land mines, when it gets redstone it explodes near instantly. Players can easily be trapped. You can also put Shrapnel explosives next to them, so that when the condensed explosives go off, the main part of the mine starts. The shrapnel explosives do no damage to the area, just animals and players. At this point they could be heavily damaged, and the explosives will give you time to prepare. When they make it past that, IF they do that is, then you can set up a hall way trap. These are quite fun. You make a 2x2 hallway going straight across. You fill one side with lava, and the other you put some blocks on, so they only have one way to go. Put pistons in the walls, and when they step on the trap, they get pushed in. Simple and effecient. If at this point they are past that, they deserve a cookie. Next you can set up some spike pits. Simple pits in the ground that have spikes in the bottom. You can make regular spikes, poisoned spikes, or fire spikes. It doesn't matter. At this point they are usually all either dead, or have given up. But anyone so determined to keep going will find you in your armor waiting. By this point they are usually low on health, making the fight an easy one. Do you have better ways to defend against players? Let me know, put in your suggestions and setups in the comments below.
  15. As we know, Missiles are in the ICBM mod, and they are incredibly destructive. The most obvious first defense would be obsidian, since it blocks MOST explosives. But what if they launch a nuke? Or anti matter bomb? Or even a red matter bomb? Well, you can add Radar stations along your borders. They require constant power, and can scan over an area, sending a redstone signal when it gets within range of the warning radius.(You are able to change the radius of the Radar. Right click it, the first number is the alarm zone. When a missile gets within range of that, it sends a redstone signal.) This can be hooked up to an Anti-ballistic missile, which will then chase the rocket through the air, and destroying it mid flight. That is a nice addition, true. But that is a one shot system. You may need something more... Advanced. Another possible solution is called the EMP Tower. This is a hyper expensive machine, but it pays for itself in a missile attack. What's interesting about the EMP tower is it fries missiles that come in range, detonating them in the air. You can change what it will target by right clicking it. Set it to missiles, when it recieves a redstone signal, it will send a powerful wave of electricity, effectively frying them. (As a defense against clusters, I suggest setting up the EMP with a bit of a delay to try and eliminate as many missiles as possible.) Little side note, EMPs need ALOT of power. The larger the radius of the wave, the more electricity is required. So! You have your energy hooked up to your Radar tower and EMP tower, now you need to link them. Do this by simple redstone. The Radar tower will send a redstone signal, setting off the EMP wave. Now, we are basicly missile proof. With our obsidian bunker, no explosives can reach us, except the really expensive ones. But, we aren't safe. The Chemical missile and Contagion missile actually send their toxins THROUGH the wall. You will want to dig down a bit to prevent such an attack, and have antidotes on hand. Now your base is decently defended against long range missile attacks! Bombs are another story, and require another world of protection. Please, add to this! I love listening to your ideas on how to make effective bunkers against missiles, and I read every comment. Put in suggestions, state if I did something wrong, I don't care. I want to hear back.
  16. By the way, you can fire t1 missiles out of a rocket launcher at anything that moves, and Cruise launchers work the same way, even thought it requires time to set up. AND you can also launch homing missiles at the stuff you want to kill.
  17. lukeb, the problem with my computer is that I can't see the edit button. I didn't know there was one. (Found it!) Quarries are just a pain, since it leaves a giant hole in the ground, whereas a bore goes in a straight line. And I thought the title was nice, and I know alot of people got confused on it. I would like to change the title but I can't. Also, this is one of the first forums I have actually used. I am not really that organised when it comes to typing large amounts of information.
  18. If it does teraku, then it was broken. I put ores in there and it did abesolutely nothing. Also, Bores are more useful than Quarries, strictly because you can re-use the tracks they lay down.
  19. Oops. Forgot something. Always attach an Anchor cart to these machines. The reason is that it will allow it to keep mining after it is out of your chunk loading range. By the way, in order to attack multiple carts to the bore, you need to attach one cart to the other for it to affect the bore. (x being the bore, 0 being the chest carts, - being the links, and y being the anchor. x-y-0-0-0-0, this is an effecient (Or effective) train.) If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask. If you caught something wrong with the above, tell me.
  20. As we all know, there aren't any real Automatic miners. However, you can get extremely close to that with the Tunnel Bore. Relatively cheap to make, these machines are capable of mining a 3x3 wide tunnel. However, there are draw backs to this. It requires fuel, although not as much as you would expect. I will be putting up a little guide here. First off, making the bore requires steel. If you don't have that yet, you will want to get some. The cheapest way to get steel is if you go to the nether and get a blast furnace, which turns Iron into steel. You will also want ample amounts of fuel. The best is Lava, it powers the machine for two minutes. The second best is Coal Coke, which powers it for 20 seconds. Third is coal, which powers it for 10 seconds. Next, you need the bore head. If you have the Blast furnace, a good bore head would be steel. Iron is fine, but with steel you double the distance your machine can travel. If you are rich in diamonds, you can make the Diamond Bore head, which will mine a whopping 6,000 blocks, 40% faster than iron, and can mine through obsidian. However, that is expensive, requiring 9 diamonds in the construction. Steel is reccomended. You will also need rails. Quite a bit of them. You put them into the bore, and the bore will automatically place the rails in a line. You can use other rails, but they tend to.... Well, bug. Another alternative is Wooden rails. They are signifacantly cheap than iron, but if you want to use the tunnel for minecarts, it's best for regular tracks. Next you will need: Gravel! That's right, Gravel. Gravel is used to fill in holes the bore will encounter. It will only fill 10 blocks though, so if you encounter a ravine you will have to manually guide the bore over it. Finally, the last thing you need is a chest cart and a crowbar. This may seem absurd, but you need it. This collects the materials from the bore into the chest cart. You have to link the chest cart to the Bore, that is done with the Crow bar. Hold down shift, then right click the chest cart, then right click the bore. Another interesting fact, if you link up multiple carts, it can hold more (Obviously) but the bore comes with another interesting feature:It takes fuel, rails, and gravel from the chest carts. You can greatly extend the trip if you supply these in bulk. There are problems with the bore, of course. It will stop if it feels heat from lava directly in front of it. Also, if it encounters water, it can be destructive. Water destroys rails and will stop the bore from mining any further until the situation is fixed. If that happens, you will need to manually replace the rails under the bore and get it back on track. Also, the bore head doesn't last forever. It has a certain durability. Iron will mine 1,500 blocks, the Steel will mine 3,000, and the Diamond will mine 6,000. After that, the bore is destroyed and you need to make another. An iron bore will mine 160 blocks from the starting point before breaking. Steel will mine 320 blocks away before breaking. And Diamond will mine nearly 700 blocks away before breaking.
  21. We don't need guns, we got fckin missiles than can launch a thousand blocks away, we need more factory related items. Wireless redstone sounds nice, but I am almost certain none of it is compatible with Voltz.
  22. And don't say crusher! Refuses to work on ANY ore, including obsidian. Nothing works in it, it is powered, tried a load of things to get it going, but it refuses to start.
  23. Er. More specifically, I mean ore dust, such as iron, copper, and tin dust.