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  1. It may not be use too much (Just for Advanced Batteries and Silver and Superconductor wires) but the Ore and Ingots are in NEI and the Wiki Page for the Electrical Expansion Mod. I am not at all concerned at this point but when/if Voltz gets off the ground floor in development I may need some of these things... You never know eh! Also I am curious as to how I would check which Ores are in World Gen.
  2. I have been playing around in Voltz v1.0.5 and I have not found a single piece of Silver Ore anywhere. Am I just unlucky or is the Silver Ore not in World Gen? How can I even check which ores are in the world gen. The reason this is not in the Bugs or any other section is because I have no way of confirming this. I may just be very unlucky and have not found any Silver yet! Please if you have found Silver in game than post the conditions you found it under (ie: Hight, Biome, Voltz Version!)
  3. I don't think that this is what I would want, and here is why: 1) Many of the items in the Voltz Modpack have equivalent items in Tekkit (I am also referring to the Machines as well) AND 2) Tekkit is already cluttered with 3 different power systems (IC2, Buildcraft and RP2) and I don't think it needs any more complications. Whats more is that if Tekkit updates to EE3, it will add EMC into that list of power systems upping the total to 4! This is just my opinion though!
  4. -In Game Name: Roboman20000 -Age: 25 (2.5 Decades or a quarter century if you want to make me feel old!) -What do I want to build on Copper Craft: I would like to build a modular factory that can have Modules added on whenever I need something new crafted, This factory will need to be quite large though! I would also like to try and learn more about Railcraft and build a 'Monorail' system! -Tekkit Experience: I have extensive experience with all of the mods in Tekkit except for Railcraft. I can program in FORTH and LUA fairly well and I can build complex logic circuits! -Anything I wand to Add: I LOVE to make Terrible puns and I have a thing for floating towers!
  5. You could try Camtasia studio... It's quite costly but it doesn't do application recording like Fraps, (well it can but its an option) it will allow you to record a portion of you whole computer screen and even a second monitor if you have one. You will need one heck of a beast (PC) to run it and your game at the same time!
  6. I have been playing around with Voltz and a starting to love it. I do recommend that you start and try to automate a cow farm as soon as possible. you will also need tons of iron and tin and for some reason I keep getting stacks and stacks of copper too. I have fond that your first goal for a machine should be an Enrichment Chamber because it acts like the IC2 Macerator! This means, however, that you will need a Metallurgic Infuser to make refined steel an also maybe and electric furnace. to power this the only starting machine you can make easily is the Coal Generator I think but if you have the resources why not go for a fancier generator. I have not mooved past Coal power yet but I am excited to use the Bio Gen, Heat Gen and other things as well.
  7. See now that's what I was expecting. ChillBiilly and loiskw... way to contribute to the conversation in a thoughtful and insightful manner. Thank you Niavmai, I couldn't find any kind of news on the matter and there is totally a way to make explosives easily and cheaply. And blowing stuff up is way fun!
  8. I have been playing Voltz for a bit now and I have not found anything to do my mining for me! I have had to make long and boring mining trips and you need so much material that this is fairly impractical. I know that you can sort of use a tunnel bore to do some auto mining but there has to be a better way. The only thing that I have found so far is explosives and there also seems to be no good way to get gunpowder either. I would love to have to do explosive mining (cause the boom is cool!) but killing tonnes of creepers is dangerous! Any suggestions or thoughts on this?
  9. This modpack is not just devoted to bringing electricity to minecraft. The whole point of Voltz it to have a single type of electricity that any machine, any battery and any generator can deal with. IC2 and Buildcraft each have their own type of electricity that is not fully compatible with any other mod. The transformer mods that move energy between IC2 and Buildcraft are not the kind of energy transfer methods that are acceptable. These mods are only for direct, low lever interface between two normally incompatible mods. Voltz tries to eliminate this by using only one type of electricity so there is no confusion at all. However there are some missing parts that I can see. Namely a way to automatically mine!
  10. OK here's the real math in terms of EMC! Using Silver: (6 Glass x 1 EMC) + (2 Silver x 512 EMC) + (1 Diamond x 8096 EMC) = 9126 EMC(Per 6 Cables) Or 1521 (Per Cable) Using Redstone: 8102 EMC(6 Glass and 1 Diamond) + (2 Redstone x 64 EMC) = 8230 EMC(Per 4 Cables) Or 2058 (Per Cable) Rounded Up Mathematically silver is the best choice, even if you do need to make a lot of Blue Alloy you will be saving 1 Silver per cable if you use Silver in the recipe. ALTHOUGH I do tend to get more Redstone per mining trip than Silver, so if your scrappin' for the shiny, you can always use the red!
  11. I am currently in the process of making some Voltz videos but they are more of an LP where I am just trying to figure this stuff out. I am going to use the actual mod sites to get all my info. Voltz is too new for a wiki to have been built!
  12. NEI is already in the Voltz modpack so go and have fun. Also the best place for more info on the mods is the mod pages themselves and they can be found through the Volts page on the Technic website!
  13. Hello everyone who happens to read this! I am here to tell you about a new puzzle game that came out very recently. First I would like to say that there are very few engaging puzzle games with unique mechanic out on the market, Portal being the most famous of these. If you are looking for a good puzzle game I suggest you try out a game called Perspective. It has a unique blend of 2D and 3D gameplay with some truly mind bending puzzles thrown in. Perspective was made by students at the DigiPen Institute of Technology and is completely free to play so give it a shot and give them some feed back. I am not sure of the rules for links on this site so I will direct you to search up "Perspective" on Youtube. There is a preview vid and I have a small spotlight on it as well. Good Luck!
  14. Well I would recommend a clean install of the Technic launcher just delete the .techniclauncher file from your app data folder and try to re-install. You could also just delete the Tekkit folder inside .techniclauncher but I would try the full clean install. If this does not work then there is something fundamentally wrong with your technic launcher and you should try re-downloading it from the website. I am no expert but I have found that clean installs are the best ways to fix any problem, or at least get a start on finding a solution.