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  1. Makes me sad 2 =( course ive tried it on all computers through mozilla what browser are u using?
  2. hmmm I'm able to use the link ill try it on a different computer. I've never set up a website so again bear with me EDIT: I've tried it on 5 friends computers now and all work. try a manual type oof it the site is punker180spack.ucoz.com
  3. I told you guys new stuff was on its way and HERE IT IS! PUNKER180'S MOD PACK WEBSITE! Covers SSP mod pack SMP mod pack (only for those who join forums and leave a post[mainly because its still beta and dont want it getting passed around just yet >.<]) and soooooon a server! just need some admins and some players before starting (dont want to buy a server and have 3 people in it thatd be dumb.) Also site is still a work in progress, like many things this was a self project.
  4. In less then an hour I'm Pulling the download. But on a side note I have acquired some money for a small server. I will Buy it soon enough But I would like to get everything surrounding it done first. Mods in it so far are: ComputerCraft Rei Minimap Advanced Machines Buildcraft Crafting table III EE2 (considering removing and using a shop pluggin with sell values at the same value as the EMC in EE2) Enderstorage Forestry IC2 Nuclear Controls Immibis Core & Tubestuff IC2 InvTweaks MAtmos Charging Bench Compact Solars Iron Chests Nether Ores Power Converters Railcraft
  5. it was paypal... but its cool it wasnt a pay to download it was a donate to server create FOR mod pack. thin line but still a line
  6. Dropping it later tonight lol I had a SMP post but i see the moderators took it down? I have an SMP mod pack made and started a donate button to build a server for it but I dont think they liked that so it was removed... I couldnt find anything against it in the rules but oh well.
  7. Download this while you can guys the beta is being dropped today! (we will fix bugs and do a full release ssoon =)
  8. I've been tinkering with some stuff but I think tree capitator will be removed. due to things like a thaumcraft axe being completely useless with it active. it makes the game far to easy on the tree front. also looking at the green stone wire mod now that its forge compatible. it is a very awesome mod but i have to say that the resource usage is 2 low making it OP. But if either the option to config the resource use is added or the he edits it himself to make it 1 greenstone per block it has to traverse, if he can do something like that ill ask him if i may add his mod. but due to the fact tha
  9. So with FML it takes the dependencies of modloader and modloaderMP right? well what if a mod u like isnt built for forge only and still needs modloader or modloaderMP? if i put them in with forge still will it crash it? are they incompatible now or do they work the same?
  10. I'll let you in on something. We are going to work towards better compatibility 2. =) thats if we get mod author permission to edit... *hint hint mystcraft compatibility* Our goals for 1.3 are huge. and maybe we wont meet the expectations we have. but hey, we are betting we will get far =D. here's acouple things on the list and I want opinions on more we should add to the list: 1. Better mod compatibility 2. More mods 3. If i can ever get enough hours to support it a server for all to play on. (also considering a donate button but i'd feel shitty cuz these arent mine im only putting them
  11. Hmmmm I've never encountered that yet lol (and has like 12 read farms) (for thaumcraft and more usage) and havent had that yet. it freezes directly after hitting it? Ill let me team know and let them work there magic =) cuz my team is awesome. And thank you very much for the bug report its a huge help. also for all that need to know the mod pack will be dropped from public beta on the 18th. What ever bugs are reported we will fix and we will be looking at a full release. this mod pack wont receive any more mods unfortunately at this time. BECAUSE, we are waiting for 1.3 (since it should be rig
  12. Flora and Soma really interests me alot. Advanced HUD was experimented with on earlier builds of this (before i had a team) and it was a big lag pull on lower computers (my friends with bad computers) But with the help of my team it might go back in Slopes is one I've been playing with also. But the part that brought it off the list is how many block ID's it takes. look at redpower microblocks. so little on the ID front. don't get me wrong I have the space for the ID's but. Idk it just feels like a sloppy mod. But this build was for the many that have not experienced these mods. as for the on
  13. While im waiting for bugs ive been playin it lol 3rd time around and once again Ive hit none >.<
  14. Since I have had no PM's and nobody on here has listed any bugs I am assuming we did well on the pack? Course I may just be impatient lol >.<
  15. I released the SSP for public test today =) SMP is just getting started. MIGHT not be out in time before 1.3 but who knows. lol

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