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  1. Hey uh Reveli I was wondering when the next time you were going to be on the server. It seems like you haven`t been on in a while. Just wondering -Spart1
  2. Hey guys I am trying to run a server for just my friends and i dont know how to add more ram to a tekkit server on MAC
  3. Reveli my plot on your server is completely empty and I dont know why but I`m not that happy about it. Dont know what happened. Could use some help -Spart1
  4. Does anyone know how to access tekkit world files on a mac because I want to send a single player world save to a friend. -Spart1
  5. Yeah i just noticed that and I was wondering what the problem is and has been because I was looking forward to playing with all of you. Hope the server is up and running soon. Best wishes -Spart1
  6. Hey uh Reveli?? I dont mean to be annoying if that is what this comment turns out to be but I was wondering if I was going to become a moderator? Just asking -Spart1
  7. Hey Space that is a really nice application if I were a admin I would totally accept. Nice Job -Spart1
  8. Re Ok Reveli do you know how to update it so i have the current version and why isn`t the server working??
  9. Reveli do you know what an r20 update is because I am 8 versions late and i dont know what that means
  10. Reveli Spacemanspiff214 couldn`t give you the mining laser because he wasn`t on so next time you and Spacemanspiff214 are on could you give hime the components of the mining laser. Thx -Spart1
  11. Hey guys thanks for the info I`ll keep trying to log on when that happens. Thx a lot -Spart1
  12. Reveli I dont know why but whenever I try to go on your server it say "Failed to Login: Bad Login"
  13. Spart1 13 2weeks I would like to become a Moderator because I can be on the server often to help players. I can also perform many tasks like helping with spawn and other requirements like that. I will almost always follow through with anything that I am assigned to. That is why I would like to become a Moderator. I think Moderators help players with problems that they themselves cannot solve. Moderators also listen to the admin or whoever is in charge. They can build spawn and spawn towns that have protected areas. Finally, Moderators make the server more enjoyable for the players without giving them creative and things like that. That is what I think Moderators do. I have had experience being a Moderator on a server called Diamond Realms. I had applied online and about three to four days later they had accepted my application. I helped with some various tasks all over the server. I am in the Eastern Standard Time US time-zone. I would also like to tell you that even if I do not get accepted into being a Moderator I will still come on the server and have a good time with my friends.
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