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  1. Hello, recently I started my own voltz server. It loads up fine with the .bat file, but I can not seem to connect. The weirder part is that I can connect to a different server from the same computer. Does anyone know a way to help me?
  2. I have noticed that Magician's Cookbook is no longer a modpack. Does anybody know why?
  3. I'm sorry, but this thread has actually been closed do to lack of time for me to work on a server.
  4. I got accepted to the server, but it says I'm not whitelisted when I try to connect. Any help?
  5. I'm looking for some people to help me setup a public tekkit server. I'll need people to help with the server itself, hosting and a website for the server if necessary. Reply below with= IGN: Wanted position: Experience: Why do you wish to help:
  6. In game name: DrCreeper189 Age:13 Country:USA Why should we hire you: I will go on a lot and do not over use power. I also want to help with the server. Previous Experience: I ran my own server for a little and know how difficult people can be. I was also a leader to a large town on a vanilla server.
  7. In game name = DrCreeper189 Age = 14 Location = Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Are you currently banned from any servers? = No Minecraft experience to date = I've been playing Minecraft since a little after 1.9pre5 came out on a friend's account and got my own for 1.2.0 A short paragraph on why you would like to play on our server = I would like to play on your server, because I love tekkit and have been playing on my own private server with friends, but got bored quick. I just want to start a new adventure with more organization and people.
  8. I'm trying to add animal bikes to my tekkit server and need help figuring out how to add it to my client.
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