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  1. Well, as I said, my free time is extremely limited nowadays, but if you can find a modpack that everyone likes, I would be happy to bankroll it for the time being
  2. I'm not sure if I happened to decide to browsed the forums today by chance or by design, but seeing that it coincided miraculously with talk of the server being shut down, I can't help but feel obligated to say/ do something about it. So, here it is - as you all may have guessed due to me disappearing for almost a year now, I don't have a whole lot of free time anymore. Given that I played Tekkit with some of you for almost a year, and that you guys managed to keep the server going for another solid year after that, I feel like I should do what I can to keep it alive. I'm fairly out of the loop on the current status of Minecraft/ Tekkit other than the fact that I see there are plugin issues and that Microsoft has apparently decided that we aren't allowed to have fun anymore. Likewise, with the lack of time on my hands I won't be able to run the server myself as far as administration/ back end work goes. I'm not sure what the current situation is with Tub and the other admins/ mods, but if ANYONE is able to take care of some of the day to day work, I would be more than happy to either host the server on my old server rig or pay for a hosted server to continue the current server. I understand that manually building and updating the modpack must be a royal pain in the ass for Tub, so I would be fully open to transitioning to a preexisting pack if that's something people would be interested in. Obviously this wasn't expected, and I have no doubt that the current mods/admins have already had long discussions about what to do, but I feel like it would be wrong for me to not throw in a last ditch effort. tl;dr Daddy is back for the attempted 11th hour save.
  3. I'm back from vacation and settled, so I'm gonna take some time when I get home from work tonight to go through applications and everything. If you submitted an application and did not receive a response yet, you should receive one by ~10:30 PM EST.
  4. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I'll be on vacation between this Saturday and the following Sunday, so I may be slow to respond to applications and such.
  5. I've actually been thinking more about that myself lately, I'm starting to miss some of the old mods like RailCraft. Theoretically, we could always stick with Tekkit as the main pack and then offer a separate server with a custom pack for people who have already joined. Alternatively I could start a new thread in the custom section for a custom pack and just keep them separate. Just to clear things up though, we definitely won't be getting rid of the Tekkit server anytime soon.
  6. We actually have a plugin in place for it, I just need to set up a separate script for it because of MCPC. I didn't think the RAM leaks were still there, how long has it been taking for it to bog down lately?
  7. We've managed to fix most of the issues as far as I can tell, the RAM usage has been much more reasonable as of late. Plus, if the new version of Voltz is anything like the old one, it should use significantly fewer resources than Tekkit. Server resources are another reason that I've been hesitant to do anything with FTB. Also, I was just getting curious about texture packs myself, and it looks like there IS a pack for Tekkit 1.1.8, although you'll need to check the sphax forums for it.
  8. I've had a few players ask about the possibility of starting up another server alongside the current one, similar to when we ran the old version of Voltz alongside Tekkit Classic. Personally, I would love to start up a new Voltz server since it's been brought up to date, but I've also seen some interest in doing a FTB server of some kind as well as vanilla. If you guys have any opinions, please share them, I'll be looking into starting something up over the next few days.
  9. So lets clear this up right now - I went on your server to look around, I like to check out other servers sometimes to see what they're doing and occasionally give advise. I had a polite discussion with some of the people there about some of your rank setups/ etc, and I gave a few friendly suggestions about things like reducing your spawn size/ etc. Your moderator, who apparently decided that his job was to start flipping shit instead of being professional, decided to take everything as a personal insult. I'm sure your chat logs (if you actually have them...) will back that up. As far as the number of players we have goes, you clearly are missing the point of hosting a good server. If player count is all that matters to you, you're doing it wrong. I deny probably about 70% of the applications I see because of a lack of effort, and that's what's helped this server last so long - the players actually give a crap about where they're playing and who they're playing with. So, I'd like to offer you some of your own advice - spend your time making your own server better rather than wasting your time with retaliatory shit posting that just makes you look like a butthurt 12 year old. Fix your permisssions (some of your essentials nodes looked messed up), shrink your spawn (you don't need a 300 block radius barren circle that people have to run through to get to anything), make your rules a little more clear and visible, fix your chunk loading (if your host has an SSD option, I recommend it), and find some professional, trustworthy moderators. Also, quintuple posting might be a tie for the current thread record, I need to go back and find that one other butthurt kid... tl;dr Get out.
  10. Hey Ks I was on your server back with tekkit classic, but then stopped playing for awhile, can I get readded to the whitelist, or would you like me to fill out another application? Thanks


  11. I apologize for the long MIA period, I've been extremely busy with work/ personal stuff, so I haven't had any time to get on and take care of business. First of all, I'm updating the server to 1.1.8 as we speak since it's now recommended. It looks like there have been some nice mod updates as well as a few big fixes (OXYGEN SEALERS WORK!!!). Second of all, to anyone that has applied over the last week or two, if you are still interested in joining, please send me a PM with your application. I'll get to them ASAP, but that will make it much easier for me to see who is still waiting on a decision. Also, for anyone that has pumps/ etc. in the nether, please clear them out ASAP. I'm gonna be resetting the nether either tonight or tomorrow night. It looks like someone went apeshit with nether quarries and left flowing lava everywhere, and I have a feeling that might be responsible for some of the lag spikes.
  12. For anyone who didn't get a reply to their application yet, you should get one by the end of the day today. I was busy over the weekend and didn't have a chance to go through them, but I should have some time tonight.
  13. It should be back up. I didn't have time to look at the logs, but I saw a LOT of oddly formatted messages that I've never seen before. I'll take a look when I get home though. Also, on a possibly related note, Tub found a cool solution for fixing lava automatically that we're gonna test out once we get the extension for it installed.
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