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  1. In-Game Name: LunarHunter17 Age: 19 GMT+/-: Cental Something about yourself: I enjoy playing with othes in a gaming community such as this. I am pretty stretigic about how I ration my items but will help others. This seems like something i can have fun with! Secret "No Querries in the Main World" (I am sorry i do not know what this means but would still like to join your community) Thank you for your consideration!
  2. In-game Name: LunarHunter17 Age: 19 Location: US Minecraft esperience to date: I have an average knowledge of Minecraft. Aside from very few topics, I know a good deal about its versions. Why do you want to play on our server? I simply would like to build and enjoy the company of a good server! Its interesting to see the creativity of others. Generally, I am courtoues and help others if needed.Perhaps I can start a town of my own or a shop of sorts! Thank you for your consideration!
  3. dude you gotta build yourself a clubhouse with the CMC. That would be radical!
  4. In-game name: LunarHunter17 Age: 19 Location: somewhere in the US (i prefer anonomsity) Are you currently banned from any servers?: No, i have not. I enjoy playing on online communities. Minecraft experience to date: Average. I have never really played Minecraft on PC, however i do have a fair amount of knowledge on its versions. Paragraph: I tend to be a courteous person. If someone needs help, i will help them. I don't like to be rude towards others. I like going on adventures with a group, it benefits everyone. It would be nice to set up a town or shop somewhere, maybe take a trip to see what people have created. Thank you for your consideration!
  5. Age: 19 IGN (In-game name): LunarHunter17 Why do you want to play on this server?: I enjoy playing online with a good community. Especailly so, since most are prone to lag. What do you want to build?: Possibly a town with shops. If not, then i might take a trip to the moon. Thank you for your consideration!
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