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  1. Hey, what happened to Harvest Moon?

  2. Currently Looking for staff members: IGN: IRL NAME: AGE: TIME ZONE: MC Experience: Technic Experience: Favorite Minecraft Mod?: Favorite Bukkit Plugin? What would you do to make the server better? What did you like about the server? You can post here or send to me as a message.
  3. Welcome To HarvestMoon Craft. A minecraft Economy Server based around farming. Start yourself as a lowly farmer making meager wages and work your way up to industrial Tycoon! As you Earn more money you will be able to rank up and buy more Permissions To advance your self as a Farming Tycoon. http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/harvestmoon-craft.194072 No Griefing No Asking to be staff No Asking for items/ money No Advertising No harassing other players or staff No Scamming No Cheating I am not here to teach you how to play minecraft/Technic. Serf: (Default) Peasant: (10,000) Able to start and bid in auctions. Unlocks Ability to purchase more homes. Farmer: (100,000) Able to rent shop land. Farming Eng: (200,000) Unlocks Machines to auto farm Corp: (1,000,000) Access to easy-2-sell room. CEO: (5,000,000) Ability to start own towns. ChairMan: (10,000,000) Coming Soon! Tycoon: (100,000,000) Comming Soon! Buildcraft Rei's Minimap Foresty Inventory-Tweaks More Storage Pams HarvestCraft
  4. Industrial Age Welcome to the Industrial age! Start yourself as a lowly farmer making meager wages and work your way up to industrial Tycoon! The world is full of wonders. The modpack with the Technic launcher provides a superb experience to any other modded minecraft possible! Its Better Than Wolfs and hungrier than Feed the Beast and a flavor explosion is comparison to Vanilla, you will be blown away from the possibilities! The server Spawn: Item Shop: Farm Shop: Ranks/Vote shop Ranks Newb - Start Economy- /money , /pay 1 home Farmer - $1,000 can now /tpa to another player. Builder - $5,000 2 Homes Can now send Mail Access to Mine_World Engineer - $50,000 Can Now Create Shops Adv. Engineer- $100,000 3Homes Can Now Create muskets and other guns NASA Engineer - $250,000 Can now create Nasa crafting bench Can now create Launch pad Astronaut - $500,000 Can now create a Space helmet Can now create Oxygen tanks Armstrong - $1,000,000 4 Homes Can now create and customize power Armor I Am Legend - $100,000,000 How and Why!? Events: RACE TO SPACE- First 5 players to reach the moon will receive $20 in donation Items. Rules 1. No Griefing! Respect others creations and they will respect yours. 2. If you find a cross mod exploit, tell us and DO NOT abuse it. Finders of exploits will be rewarded with in-game cash with values varying on the degree of the exploit. If you do not tell us about an exploit and we find out, you will be Temp banned and your player data reset. Secret "No quarry's in Main world" 3. Do not spam the chat or advertise other servers/websites/modpacks. This will result in a 1 day ban. 4. Keep the swearing to a minimum. We understand you might get frustrated and let a few fly. That's fine. Just don't start spamming the chat or rule 3 will kick in. 5. If making massive mining setups, Please do it in the Mine World. We don't have the world for nothing. 6. Have fun! We will do our best to make sure you have the best time possible! Whitelist application: IGN AGE: GMT+/-: Something about yourself: Secret" " Sever Info: Server IP: Server Map: www.slayergaming.org/map/ Server website: www.slayergaming.org
  5. /spawn world has a leak checking into this problem. problem solved all should be normal again.
  6. Will be performing a hardware update tonight at 7PM EST. Thank you for your patience.
  7. kcb3ars whats the location that the array was at. I will look into players around that area. I need the X: Y: Z:
  8. Alright guys today's the update. Server will be going down at 9:30 AM EST for hardware upgrades. I will try to get the server back up as soon as possible. Adding SSD and 4GB more ram. Thank you for your patience and see you guys later.
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