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  1. Hey Ks I was on your server back with tekkit classic, but then stopped playing for awhile, can I get readded to the whitelist, or would you like me to fill out another application? Thanks


  2. Yeah after 24hours I start getting worried again. >.< KS you and everyone you know in rl better be okay.....
  3. IGN: Errin100 Age: 15 Reason for joining: needing a new server since my old tekkit server went to tekkit lite. Also seems like a good looking server Have you read the rules: Yes, yes I have, I swear if I am whitelisted I won't use x-ray, greif, or spam chat with caps. Tekkit experience: Tekkit and minecraft just over a year.
  4. In game name: Errin100 Age: 15 Location: Ca, United States Are you currently banned from any servers?: No. Minecraft experience to date: I have played tekkit/minecraft for a tad bit over a year. I have been a mod on 4 servers, and admin on 3 of those after I was mod. (I helped changed code in some of the plugins.) A short paragraph on why you would like to play on our server: There are a few reasons I would like to play on your server. The first would be my old server decided to hope the boat and go to tekkit lite. Another reason is I want to be on a server that I don't have to worry about someone greifing. Also I want to be able to not have immature people spamming global for half a day. I also like that not many items our banned. :)
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