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  1. This is why Tubs is the man!!! LOL, Nothing gets by him. he is "always watching" or in this case "investigating"!
  2. Ok, not sure what the problem was, and is fine with just myself on the server. Go ahead and log back in and start playing and lets see if it starts doing its restarts again.
  3. Im going to restart the server real quick, please do not join yet. If people join I will have to bring it back down and make the server whitelist. I am going to check out a few areas that may be causing the issues.
  4. So there seems to be some rolling restarts without Crash Reports. I am going to stop the server and review the logs for a minute. If anyone has done anything recently within the last 20 minutes or so, just let me know. No big deal, but somthing doesnt like somthing hahahaha.
  5. NOTICE: Server is down while we are MC-Editing the massive Rubber Tree out of the world (http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/sacred-rubber-sapling-ruined-my-world-what-can-i-do.42388/). We will be disabling these as well! They are awesome, dont get me wrong, but that is a CRAP load of lag. It will be back up as soon as we get it removed folks! Thanks!
  6. Okay!!! Everything has been blown up!!!! (As Planned of course)! We are moving the servers over and they will be offline until finished (Tubs says 5 minutes, but he is lying HAHAHAHHAA). So, we will keep you posted! Cant wait to see ya'll on the new server shortly!
  7. Okay Peeps!!! We are about to start the show (Well, except for the 6 bases and about 400,000 TNT's used in the last hour or so)!!!! HOPE YOU CAN MAKE IT!!!!
  8. Still working out the details on the Let's Play and perhaps what the theme is/will be. Anywho... WHO IS GETTING EXCITED ABOUT THE UPDATE?!?!?!? The Farewell Event on Friday Night will be very Epic... Trust me, Tubs is throwing TNT and SDX everything he has into it!!! Some may even notice some areas and some bases may have already been "restructured"... The End is Near Folks, new server/pack update this weekend! WAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  9. I feel the end is near? The old server that is :)

  10. Yup, I would highly suggest everyone participate in the "Farewell" event on Friday 8-9 PM. Going to say good bye to our current world . Likewise, and has it has been for a while now, we are locking (Bedrocking) the Ender Portals. We will be making a server wide event that again I would suggest everyone participate in . Lastly, there is some talks (ok ok ok, started by me lol) of doing a Let's Play series for our server. Havent laid out the details yet, but would like to see if we could get a solid 4-5 participants to do so.
  11. Sorry, been gone and busy for a while guys, I am back and well, let the build off commence!!! *Cough* Schematics, WorldEdit, Voxelsniper *Cough*
  12. Has to be client side. I am in the server with 5 other people. Try exiting your launcher and retrying.
  13. UPDATE: We are still working on keeping Mystcraft, so dont despair... We may have an answer to our questions finally, and everything will hopefully be up and running just fine... It was actually a new version of a MOD that was possibly causing the issues... We will be addressing these issues later today and should be up an running smoothly again ... Long story short... REFRAIN FROM USING THERMAL EXPANSION CONDUITS AND PIPES .... FOR NOW... we are working on updating it... Thanks for your dedication to the community and we'll see you online soon! (server is still up FYi, and am restarting when TPS gets too low).
  14. Ok guys, we are experiencing some unexpected lag (when is it expected though) and are going to try a few things. First thing is first, bringing down the mystcraft worlds to see if that helps. Just moving the world files and can add them back, so dont worry about losing anything. We have a few other ideas up our sleeves as well and we are actively working on it.
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