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  1. Wow I just got a notification from this site and I couldn't believe how long it has been. How's everyone doing? I hope all is well and everyone had a great new year. It be nice to hear from some old friends I really miss the server. Hope everyone is well. Clone
  2. I will help with the rebuild of the server if you want Garrett, most of my time is taken by work and school but I am sure there is something I could do for the server
  3. I found a pretty good server kinda like ours. Its a tekkit server pretty nice community so far. '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  4. Damn looking for a new server sucks. I am really going to miss everyone. And jeez it's hard to find a good mod pack if anyone knows a good server that be awesome.
  5. Wow damn man. It sucks to see the server go again. Its been fun. If anyone knows a server where we can get together i'm game. Peace out Resilience
  6. Sweet tub it seems I might be able to come back with the update muhahaha. So see you all in game sometime in the next week or two
  7. Well Garrett some people are still working but other than that I would if I could
  8. Jerrk isn't lying people are a bit busy during the summer months. Also HI haven't checked in for a while hope everyone's doing good.
  9. Well I guess it needs to be said. I will not be on the server for a long time at least 3-4 months. Things have been really hectic and I will not be able to get on due to moving, jobs, school stuff, family stuff, and a lot of messed up crap. I am going to try and stay a little active at least on the forums and see what's actually going on with the server but you will most likely not hear from me. It has been a pleasure playing with you all and I hope I will get to see many of you again in the future when things sort themselves out. Till then have fun and enjoy your summer.
  10. You can try installing optifine to help with the fps and make the game playable. you just need to download the version off of the site and drop the file into your mod folder and try to start it up again
  11. Yay for better chunk loading tub. Thanks for the update will you be gunning a new mining age too or just the new void age?
  12. so.... what happened to the mining age? it appears to be gone EDIT: Nevermind I was being stupid it seems
  13. So is it just me or will the launcher not load the modpack I can't seem to get it to work at all. I have already reset the pack and started from scratch. Mojang say's nothing is wrong so... why?
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