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  1. unable to log into the server. i get a java error trying to. but i can log into other servers using the same mod pack and the same version.
  2. Hay guys im working on a mod pack of my own finally centered around MineColonies with the end goal of making a mod that affects the world around you based on your decisions. Just wanted to ask if any one knows of a mod that can help alter the world (already generated chunks and how new chunks generate) based on the players actions/HCQ mod reputation perhaps. any one know of any mods that effect the world like that?
  3. wow o-o a giant has fallen o-o hope that every thing sorts out in time loved the community we had here, hope to play MC with you guys again some day. Good luck Tub good luck RFB *salute*
  4. hey guys long time gone. looking to get back onto the server see how things have changed. cant seem to find the new pack file and the link on the first page is broken. any one know where the new file is?
  5. o dear thats evil. looks like i wount be bothering with it for any of my privet servers then x_X
  6. ok thanks tub. been trying to play with it SSP and just cant seem to find a mod that has all the parts needed for it x_X
  7. also question. we have the spacial storage units as craftable items but if iv done my research right they dont acutely hold items they hold blocks in space and need pylons to work and we don't have them (acutely all mods i find with it dont seem to have them) so what is there use?
  8. i will love you for adding thrumacraft to the server. will be sad to see linker books and ages go as they are really helpful in a number of ways but it could be worth it. any ideas on how we will handle chunkloaded areas? perhaps just a burred version of the giant bedrock cube in use right now?
  9. i get this error when i try to log into my server and then i dissconect with the message "end of stream" client side, server side just says lost connection. any idea what this is and/or how to fix it?
  10. is this server still up as of this moment i cant reach it at
  11. title basically says it all. every time a trent or ent kills me in blood and bones the internal severer crashes and does so every time i try and reenter the game. iv deleted the trent in question moved my character and every thing else i can think of. any one know a solution to this?
  12. oook so i have recreated the error in anouther world...it seems to be when a trent or ent kills me...it shuts down the server o_O and then i cant get back in it just shuts down the server the moment i try to log in.
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