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  1. IP: Description: Tales of Vaporia is a modded RPG/RP server. The server features a modpack custom-made for the server, an expertly crafted map made by the wonderful Stillstanden, and a deep and interesting lore that ties in with the players of the server. The server features hand-crafted dungeons with respawnable loot, roleplay and gameplay events, and an active team of moderators and admins. The server does not have a PvP focus, rather focuses on player based events and an evolving world which will be impacted by the actions of players. Players will be able to play how they want, whether they wish to be a humble merchant or a blood thirsty pirate. The players will be set in a magical world, with a blend of renaissance, medieval and fantasy themes. Lore: Vaporia, a mysterious island located off the coast of mainland Iberas, and a common ghost tale told between sailors and merchants who brave the Eastern Galdrian Ocean. Tales of cannibal pirates, mysterious phantom lights, and unimaginable sea horrors are common stories passed between those who mention this uncharted island. Recently, an expedition led by the Aeran Republic and the Merchants of Aelamas discovered an island within the Eerie Strait, rich in ancient ruins and valuable minerals. The island, although initially thought to be abandoned, has been discovered to be home to Ancient Oni, mysterious immortal beings of immensely powerful magic. With a wave of men and women looking to gain their fortune and power in these new lands, one can only wonder what will transpire... Rules: The server operates on a two chance policy. First offence, you get a warning, second offence is a 24 hour ban, and the third offence is a permanent ban. This does not include serious offences like hacking, that is a permanent ban. Rules are never 100% perfect and doesn't cover all the things, so don't use "it wasn't listed on rules" as excuse. No installing mods that aren't included in the modpack No griefing claimed or unclaimed builds Do not block exploit Do not uglify the world (Floating trees, nerd poles, random lava/water/blocks, etc) Please don't build bases in other dimensions - Stick to the overworld. Bases underwater or in the air must be admin approved Do not go against the admins commands, keep your contradictions and smartass attitude to your friends Don't be racist, rude, offensive or cruel - Be tasteful Be original, that means no popular culture or real life references (you can take inspiration) No constant bickering, don't harass other players or the server in general Keep your player models to a player, and be sensible - No huge arms, no head, etc No cheating or exploiting Keep your chat in character during RP events Rules of Engagement: The server has a strict no combat logging policy. Spawn camping or spawn attacking is also against the rules. Players who constantly PvP will get a Red title next to their name, which lets players know they are not to be trusted and they are free to kill on sight. With base combat, both sides need to accept the combat, and create a formal declaration of war. This does not include skirmishes in the wilderness. Plugins: The server uses Towny and Precious Stones for claiming purposes. A town costs 32 golden blocks, while a single gold block can be placed to provide a protected 20 block radius, and a diamond block can be used to prevent PvP within an area. We also run Brewery, Custom Enchants, World Guard, Essentials, and more. Mods: Mods!: This is the big one. We use a customly made modpack by two of our lovely admins, JayBe and Darkyle. All of the credits for these mods go to their respected authors, who put countless hours of hard work into these mods. The list is as follows: ReiMinimap: (http://goo.gl/et5d4A) by ReiFNSK Aquaculture: (http://goo.gl/YzxEIB) by Shadowclaimer CoralMod: (http://goo.gl/oG7pE2) by q4hardcore HungerOverhaul: (http://goo.gl/dJ1xpQ) by iguana_man MinimapSync: (http://goo.gl/GngUee) by james94jeans2 MorePlayerModels: (http://goo.gl/9MfDzh) by Noppes HarvestCraft: (http://goo.gl/c5FYwZ) by MatrexsVigil OptiFine: (http://goo.gl/CdNb2S) by sp614x ShadersModCore: (http://goo.gl/YzaFJS) by karyonix ForgeMSC2: (http://goo.gl/CxJlkP) by Davidee Damage Indicators: (http://goo.gl/CnuJHK) by rich1051414 Ars Magica 2: (http://goo.gl/SzGuoy) by Mithion BetterStorage: (http://goo.gl/yVfauy) by copygirl BiblioCraft: (http://goo.gl/BMw2M4) by Nuchaz Chisel: (http://goo.gl/aLbhda) by AUTOMATIC_MAIDEN CraftGuide: (http://goo.gl/GSooO4) by Uristqwerty CraftHeraldry: (http://goo.gl/VHf5xx/) by Vazkii ExtraBiomesXL: (http://goo.gl/fO5rUV/) by Collaborators (http://goo.gl/S7iMAE) KeithyUtils: (http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/keithyutils) Metallurgy: (http://goo.gl/XSkVu0) by Shadowclaimer Natura: (http://goo.gl/nWcWYG) by mDiyo Thaumcraft: (http://goo.gl/HA8VJD/) by Azanor ThaumcraftMobAspects: (http://goo.gl/lkFLhG by iguana_man UndergroundBiomes: (http://goo.gl/C0TU8L) by GromPE Util^iChunUtil: (http://ichun.us/mods/ichun-util/) by iChun WeaponMod: (http://goo.gl/C6cj5u) by BalkondeurAlpha Witchery: (http://goo.gl/WIwKIm) by Emoniph How to install: 1. Install Technic at http://www.technicpack.net/download 2. Click add new modpack 3. Paste the url (http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/tales-of-vaporia) into the box that comes up 4. Download the modpack 5. Connect and play! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to ask. We have a fairly active community, and our two admins are JayBe_12 and Darkyle2000, feel free to query us with anything you need. IP: