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  1. seeing this made me really sad lol... miss playing with the community and having a good time on the server
  2. just thought i'd check in and say hey to all sucks to not be playing with you all but hope everyone is doing well!
  3. so 2 days left... still cant believe it. Any plans on having a small event type thing to send the server off? Just asking
  4. also what is your steam ID? wouldnt mind keeping in touch that way if sometime in the future RFB starts up ill know
  5. wow, never thought i'd see the day... and just when i thought i was coming back... Will there be any sort of going away event? just curious
  6. im all for it! should be fun. does the switch mean new map? because that would be good for me lol
  7. hey all! I am finally able to come back to the server and got over some things i'm not proud of (broke my arm falling down steps... don't judge lol) can someone fill me in on whats happening nowadays? Thanks!
  8. take your time tub, i was just checking to make sure my pc wasnt at fault again, sorry for seeming like a stickler
  9. about 4 PM and still saying not whitelisted.. it says theres someone on the server thats just why im asking... thanks
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