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  1. I live in a small island state of the coast of mainland Australia called Tasmania if you were wondering (im a bit thorough)
  2. White-list application. I.G.N: frizzbee99 Age: 13 Location: Australia Minecraft experience Up to date: about 8 months of playing vanilla, tekkit and feed the beast. im pretty good at wiring and "YogscastLalna" style machines Am i currently banned from any tekkit servers: Only 1 but the reason for that is my friend blaming me for an attack on his house. Why i want to play on this server: I have tried many times on many servers to not get greifed and i just want a peaceful and trustworthy community to work and build with.
  3. [White-List Application] IGN: frizzbee99 Why you would like to join the community here at SilliTekkit?: well, because it seems every server I go on I get greifed for no reason and no-one helps me so i want a trustable community. Do you Have any bans on record?: only one because of a friend blaming me for a flint+steel attack which I didn't do How long will you be able to play in Sillitekkit?: 1-2 hours a day (unless my pc is down) until you get sick of me (or the server is shut down). regards, frizzbee99
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