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  1. what about the "figured its a good time to switch launchers" part? plus this was in the FTB irc channel...
  2. well, he talked about talking to lewis and duncan who both agreed the server needs to be updated, and they figured it would be a good time to switch launchers... doesnt sound like talking about voxel to me
  3. its not that i like to cause drama, i just post what's on my mind
  4. it will affect tekkit because yogscast is still the main publicity for it, like it or not (and i do not) tekkit videos are their most popular, and all that publicity will be lost. im not stressing, im just a little worried for tekkit, thats all
  5. earlier on today in irc, ridgedog announced something a little worrying yogscast will no longer be using tekkit, they'll be switching over to the 'other' pack... i dont have the exact logs, but he said something along the lines of "due to our issues with kakermix, we decided now's as good a time as any to switch launchers" i know about the sticky at the top, but i felt this impacted tekkit enough to post it here and not break the rules. im wondering what other peoples opinions are on this (the whole issue, not the rules).
  6. lets be honest now, bad decisions have been made on behalf of FTB and technic. and i think in the long run technic will be regretting those decisions a lot more than FTB. banning slowpoke, for example, thats a fairly big mistake IMO. when you look at things like VoxelBox, that currently exists in both technic and FTB, allthough FTB is on 1.4.5 and technic has it on 1.2.5, this cant be good for the future of voxel in technic. the head dev or whatever also recently appeared on the alpha test server that the technic/FTB modders play on alongside people such as Direwolf20 and slowpoke. i l
  7. im pretty sure that feed the beast isnt spout based, its written completely from scratch
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