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  1. Minecraft Account: bobmekensi + cindalee Age: old enough! Location: UK Tekkit Experience: self considered expert, (have yet to break a server !) Hours Played/Week: more than i probably should Additional Info: were a two person build team that specialize in jaw-dropping face palming strucutres
  2. so heres application Name: alex In-Game name: bobmekensi (don't ask why, i didn't pick it) How experienced are you (1-10)?: 10-9 What have you built in the past?: everything and anything, skyscrapers, a mosque, an arcology, underground city, cross world railway, shopping centre Could you share some pictures(better chance getting chosin)?: not at the moment if i can ind some ill put them up What do you prefer building?: underground buildings Skype: alexanderthomaschi
  3. no sorry, however completely unrelated. superron1221 its probably easier to learn once you have a computer, do you not have any computer you can use at the moment? not to host a server but to play on?
  4. hello, i am looking for some creative people to join me in a fresh world and do some survival. after a week or to i will start to install plugins and impose rules, for now though its a free for al!!! heres the ip, the port is important!!!
  5. have you made sure you've downloaded 64bit if you're system supports it? I've had the problem where because i used google chrome (which only supports 32bit) it would always download 32 bit for browser
  6. IGN: bobmekensi Age: 15 Timezone: GMT:+0 Tekkit experience: been playing for a while adminded on a friends server before, just played for ages on others A little about yourself: i love tekkie, i play it probably every day nearly, i love building big impressive buildings too
  7. hey, iv've just started a server and am looking for people to help, maybe we could team up?
  8. That is the real ip but the tekit server is on a diffrent port which i cant remember of the top of my head, i will post with the new port as soon as i get it
  9. Hey I would LOVE it of you could maybe set me up a tekkit classic server? and you could be head admin/co--owner?

  10. the server is currently down becuseof technical issues , we just blew 2 psu's in about a week so were moving it overt to a new server i just got
  11. hi can you host and make me a server or do i make it how do i do all this ???? i just want a server where im admin and me and my freinds can go on together can u help ??????

  12. we tried just doing a cle`an install of tekkit server but it didn't work so were looking at doing a clean install of ubuntu and completely reinstalling everything from fresh then loading in the world with multiword
  13. ok thanks however whenever i try to run mcpc plus i get a long list of errors . i think the servers bugged becuase i tried installing a tekkit classic server to use plugins with and that aslo didnt work
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