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  1. Hi guy's i'm running the latest tekkit server and i'm using multicraft as host and i want to ask do i use plugins like on minecraft to add worldguard or worldedit or how do i install stuff like that to my server??
  2. Hey mate i'm looking for a group as well want to join together?
  3. HI guys I would like to start a YouTube channel and for that I would like my first videos to be on tekkit series and it can be any tekkit (lite,classic,space) I'm looking for 2 to 4 guys who would like to join me and we'd start fresh and build up the way so if anyone wants to join let me know ill be providing the server and there's no lag I tested it.
  4. Hey there, my name is Thomas and i have decided to make my own tekkit classic server,DeltaKingdom Right now am planning the project with my friend and we are recruiting staff for the server that would dedicated there time to help us and become part off the community. The server will be a 70 slot server with 4gb ram and we will have our own website and voiceserver. On the server there will be PVP, factions, PVE, minigames, creative. We are currently going to be working on the spawn and making our way through the list so everything would be perfect at the opening of the server. So if you want to take part and become staff or builder please fill out the application below. [builder] First Name: IGN: Age: Skype Name: How long have you played tekkit?: How long have you been building?: Why do you want to be builder?: How active can you be?: Past Builds (not required): Maturity Level (1-10): Anything Else?: [staff] Application: (Head Mod,Admin,mod,helper) First Name: IGN: Age: Skype Name: How long have you played tekkit?: Why do you want to be staff?: How active can you be?: Past Staff Experience?: Maturity Level (1-10): Anything Else?:
  5. Hi i am a player who plays minecraft but now i enjoy playing tekkit classic. I am 17 years old and i'm from ireland i enjoy playing tekkit or minecraft and play it everyday for about 4 to 5 hours and i'm posting here because i would really like to get involved in some series in playing minecraft or tekkit. So if anyone it starting up a series i wouldn't mind getting involved i could be on everyday and i am a fun player that likes to make jokes and have fun but i also like to get the work done so i could also run the server i got headset and high speed internet so connection would be good and shouldn't be laggy but i can also rent the server if so.
  6. Hi guys i play on a server with about 50 to 60 players and i'm starting my own faction on it so if anyone would like to come and join me and be friends and play and help me create the faction it would be great its a pvp server and pve and towny and also hungergames so yeah if you want to join pm and ill send you the ip. And heres the website and if your gonna play pm me on this so i know what in game name to look for ... _type/sent
  7. Hi guys i joined a server with pvp and i created my own faction but looking for players so is there anyone that would like to join me ill send you on the ip than there's about 30 to 50 players on the server
  8. hi guys i have a small private server and i today i put down the wireless receiver and transmitter and my problem is that when i switch on the transmitter the receiver doesnt switch on or anything its like its not connected to each other but i have both of them on same signal and also when i try to use wireless remote my tekkit lite crashes so could someone please help me out on how to fix this
  9. Age: 16 IGN (In Game Name) podge0804 Why Do you want to Play on this Server? i would like to play on a server wheres there nice people and nice staff and were people can help me What Do you want to Build? a house and a factory and than build a shop and supply it
  10. hi im a co-owner of a tekkit classic server we are in need for staff to help us build the server.We started up the server today and we really need help . we are looking for 2 admins and 10 mods so heres application Name: In-Game name: How experienced are you (1-10)?: What have you built in the past?: Could you share some pictures(better chance getting chosin)?: What do you prefer building?: Skype:
  11. hello im just wondering if there is xray mod for this i know its cheating but i just want it ok
  12. IGN: podge0804 Age: 18 Why Gearz?: First server I saw up on the Fourm and most popular and i play tekkit everyday What do you want to build on the server?: because i wanna got to the moon and create a nice home
  13. its okay you don't have to worry about it And im working on the pictures