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  1. Why do you wish to join this whitelisted tppi server? because i want to have a group of people to play that i can trust and have a good time with. Are you a good person? i would say i am yes. How old are you (this really doesn't matter because i'm probably younger than you) i am 15 years old Will you play regularly? yes i will! Have you ever been banned? no im a good person
  2. Ign: belfasteen Age: 15 Mic: Yes/No yes Skype: jordan.glenfield1
  3. Age: 15IGN: belfasteenReason you want to join: i have been looking to play with a group of people on tekkit and have fun on it without no lag and no banned items! this sounds like heaven to me haha
  4. Hello i am looking to play with a group of people on tekkit i am 15 and my timezone is gmt! please reply to this or pm me to get my skype (MIC REQUIRED)