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  1. first i asked my bro to write this 1 and how much i need? edit: i got 4 ram
  2. ok port it and 1 q is computer thet working on the same ip will work?
  3. ok i did it now how i poert it? any info could help cuz thet the part im in
  4. ok i did but i cant found how to port forward so how? if i will give u some info u can help me?
  5. but i dont want to use hamachi and every thing i found in google isnt working
  6. cuz the bukkit says they helping only about the normal bukkit not tekkit or bukkit with mods
  7. ok lets say i made a bukkit server and port it what now?
  8. I WILL NEVER USE HAMACHI I GOT ATTECKD BY MY FREIND VIRUS AND I NEEDED TO DEL ALL MY PC i want to know how to make a bukkit server i dont care about grefies cuz i will activite it only when im on so how to make bukkit? and if theres any way without port forwarding?
  9. hi i dont know how to make atekkit server (bukkit) and i cant play with my freinds without getting greifd so i want to make a private server any help?
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