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  1. i want to downgrade to 3.1.2 but i cant change it its only saying "recommended-latest" help?
  2. no i want it to be like the normal 2d suit is there a way?
  3. as you can read i want to cancel it why? because i dont like round things in mc and its makeing me lag anyone help?
  4. ingame name: bomboy2121 why you want to join our server: i want to play in a server that theres no greif or pvp so i can enjoy the new modpack with everyone without hideing in a cave and hopeing no one will find me have you played on any of our other servers: sadly no. something about yourself: im 15 year old and till now i was a mod in a server(megatek) and never really played. now that the server down (no donators ) i can enjoy the modpack i love to make shops in diffrent servers like bakery, elctronics, explosives(greif server) and i made a huge rollar coster! if i will join the server, im going to build a nice shop im sure anyone will like.
  5. its cuz of all the 3d iteams what u need is to find a mod who going to help for fps (idk) or your computer just to slow
  6. i think u should make a youtube series not u playing theres alot of it but theres almost no real guide be in creative and make some stuff
  7. i want to play voltz with my freind but i cant find a guide to make 1.0.8 voltz server some1 can help me? (i got hamchi)
  8. i said thet for not useing hamchi so i told idk know what screw this i will find a nice little tekkit server im off its to hard cya 10x for the help bye
  9. ok got what he said but i dont know how to use hamchi and he didnt told anything about it
  10. oh i didnt noticed your comment sorry i will check it out now
  11. ok i did it but its still telling me "starting minecraft server on .........:25565 but i deleted the port
  12. thet what i get im so noob in programing right?
  13. googling my ip got my ip puting the ip not working serching in google java not finding
  14. yay server working but i got 1 prob what is the ip? i did local host and its working but how i know the ip of the server?
  15. where i can found it? i typed java and its givein me java 6
  16. ok 10x for the help now i got a new prob i did what they say in the bug report and im stuck here
  17. i want this help but stop telling me about my spelling
  19. ffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk your not my teacher just tell me what to do
  20. i wirte thet the gb its takes its -xmx1 -xmx1 on the launch
  21. ok i did it but still says its -xmx3 -xmx2
  22. yea 4 gb and i want to host 5 players on my server and how much room should i give for the server?
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