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  1. enforcer07

    Looking for a few good builders

    Age: 24 IGN: Khudnirn Voltz knowledge: Extensive People skills:Good Time zone: GMT Other info: Made some huge projects in the past, a dwarven city that had a 20x20 spiral staircase leading down the main shaft with mines of moria style throne rooms, 6 digit combination locks on the vault, minecart train stations that auto store the cart you get out of and dispense them when you need them. Fed up of being griefed non stop on huge laggy servers, i always manage to stay hidden until my base gets fairly developed, then some guy will find it and trash it.
  2. enforcer07

    Voltz getting started guide?

    No less than 3 posts below this i have a getting started guide, check it out and if theres anything else you want to know, post about it. Im gradually adding in info that people want to know so keep an eye on my first post which i edit, rather than putting steps all over the thread
  3. enforcer07

    Fluid Mechanics

    I just saw a vid with this exact answer, forget the pipes. Put the heat generator 1 block ABOVE the lava. No pump or pipes needed (I assume the pipes are just for moving or storing lava for other purposes
  4. enforcer07

    Radiaton from Uranium Ore's

    with such drastic changes between each patch ive had to start mine again every time one is released, im sure it will get better soon lol
  5. enforcer07

    Quick basic guide to getting started

    It would seem that the latest patch has either broken them, or changed how they are built. Given that clicking the pickaxe or any other obsidian tool minus the paxel doesn't yield a recipe. Hold tight and it should get fixed eventually. Im glad they added pipes in this patch.... but they broke a fair few things lol
  6. enforcer07

    How do you make fuel/refine oil?

    uh.... the only fuel i see is bio fuel. And the only oil i see is creosote oil. And none of the missile craft recipes i see have any kind of oil or fuel in them... just circuitry, gunpowder and ingots
  7. enforcer07

    New Patch?

    I think i must be doing something wrong, but i made a new hydrogen generator setup with the pipe and pump setup, i set up a batbox to power the pump and separator and put exactly 1000kj in, i had it exit to a separate batbox and all it produced by the time it ran out of power was 329kj. I'm no genius but surely it shouldnt use more power than it can produce should it? that makes no sense. If i did something wrong please point it out!
  8. enforcer07

    Official Documentation

    Is there any way to view patch notes every time i update? to be honest there could be huge changes to processes that i dont know of because i cant seem to find patch notes.
  9. enforcer07

    Hydrogen Generator

    Lots of tutorials on using the hydrogen generator ive seen are now using parts that have been removed from the game in recent patches, i currently have a rail track that takes water from several railcraft water tanks in a swamp to my electrolytic seperator, which in turn automatically feeds hydrogen into the hydrogen generator, however the energy storage space in the generator is tiny, and i have placed wires on all sides with no joy as to getting them to connect, how can i get the hydrogen generator to feed directly into a batbox? thanks Edit: There seems to have just been a bug with my machine, wire infact works fine coming from the generator, although i am faced with a new problem, is there a way currently to automatically drain oxygen and dispose of it?
  10. enforcer07

    Quick basic guide to getting started

    Hmm, Zorbix is it definitely powered? and your putting ore in not ingots? i just checked and it works fine for me, double check the power and input just in case. And as for a youtube tutorial series, i would love to, but i would need someone to advise on a good (and free) recording software, i did a video before in the old days on basic minecraft of a dwarven city i built but it didn't record voice, i had to play the video and record voice over the top afterward plus i got a pretty bad framerate from the free stuff. so if you have a good suggestion i'll give it another shot. Incidently, if you search Khudnirn on youtube you should find it, not that proud of it, it was my second propper project (first was a japanese castle i took some screenshots for at the end)
  11. enforcer07

    Quick basic guide to getting started

    Misconception, the nether is not required for steel, that is railcraft steel. All that is required is enriched iron (3 iron ingots 8 redstone) which you put in a metallurgic infuser (7 iron ingots 16 cobblestone 12 redstone 8 platinum) and you fuel it with compressed carbon (carbon = coal burnt in furnace). That gives you steel dust to smelt in a furnace and make steel ingots. No nether involved. Thanks by the way metalmeerkat, thinking about it thats a nice place to stop the guide, basic introduction to some of the machines and power, and gets you up to diamond grade equipment, i'll stop the guide there unless anyone has any excellent suggestions as to what else can go into it
  12. enforcer07

    Quick basic guide to getting started

    Ha! well you know what they say, you can't learn from mistakes until you make them, bet you won't do whatever you did again I'm guessing you powered and redstoned it without pointing it at something not in your base first? :P
  13. enforcer07

    Need help with minor automation

    what am i moving? what are the file names i need to move (i just want pump and pipes, no other mods interfering)
  14. enforcer07

    Oxygen tanks?

    Damnit, thats a great idea why didn't i think of that!!!
  15. ive found loads of monazit, no sulpher on the last 5 worlds i made, i checked huge lava lakes... nothing