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  1. So, I decoded this, and was about to say it didnt make sense... but now I get it.
  2. Never that man. You guys do great work to keep the uptime very high. Keep up the good work.
  3. Well, just to save time, I wasnt even online when it happened -.-
  4. Time and time again I have warned against people trying to automate linking books. Its bad for business. And dont mess around with free flowing milk either. Also bad.
  5. So, I'm not sure if I will be able to get over this loss. I may or may not be back. If I am not, it was fun, and thank you for all the wonderful time you have given me on this server. Also, thank you for the support from the staff. You guys are by far the best and quickest to respond. I hope I can get over this and come back, but bye for now, I guess.
  6. Tubz is currently having a fight with the server. I would wait for the all clear before trying to log in today...
  7. Server is down. Don't think it was me, but here is what was happening on "The Island". We were making and transfering data on 64k drives. Pretty sure this wasn't the cause. I was trying to automate the process of creating Linking Books. I had an export or import bus (pretty sure it was import) on the Ink Mixer. Items were not moving out of the Ink Mixer. Not sure if this could have been it. Just wanted to pass what we were doing, as we have seen in the past, sometimes we are a little too experimental. -Flit
  8. Like I said though, I only think that is whats causing the issue. I can not be certain.
  9. So, here is what I think has happened. We have just constructed a tower that has Milk and Oil flowing down it. and BTW, it does look BA. However, there is a moon buggy parked on top of the structure. I believe the buggy is trying to gain haste from the milk, and the server is not very happy with this idea. I'm not sure if that is the case, but believe it to be the issue.
  10. Bad news... soon as I logged in it went down again. Now im starting to think it may be something around me that is causing it... Ugh.