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  1. WOW this account is old... I was really dumb when I was 10

    1. poryy


      What... Is...
      What. Why.
      What IS your avatar?

    2. Valkon


      Google seems to indicate that it's a Tron shirt.

  2. Btw im rich in diamond (Ik!!! epic right? Yeah i did get them for free!!!)
  3. Dudes i got a server with no banned EE and condencers enabled!!! I already have a home here is the IP and if TheTeleporter or Dr_Kamikaze5 is on type /tpa Dr_Kamikaze5 is the ip!!!
  4. Tink i found a server!! tekkit.tech-mania.net Its F**king awsome!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Thx but i still do want to do an LP its fun!!!
  6. Ok We Arent Doing This On An SMP server too many banned items on every single server and we NEED EE for this lets play Iv made my desision we are doing it on jesses server wich will have no banned items (i hope) we will continue this conversation when he posts again
  7. Good But You Must Apply Like It Says Plz!!!!!!
  8. Ok That server has too many banned items -facepalm- New ip:mc.minecraft-techworld.com
  9. OK sorry new server i cant connect to that one! Ill go get another SMP server IP:tk.duncsweb.com
  10. Btw no im not allowed to skype my dad wont let me ._.
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