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  1. hello, im 19, australian, male ,looking for a couple people that would like to do some videos or a lets play or something like that. if u have a server and would like me to join i am more than willing i also have my own server. i have played abit of tekkit, i know a fair bit about it but still alot too learn i have skype" elementx23" i have a mic msg me on skype if you are interested.
  2. hello, im an australian with skype and my own serve if needed thats barely been built on and id like to have acouple of ppl to chat and mess around with. my skype name is "elementx23" if u wish to give it ago add my skype and we can go from there i guess
  3. the photo ^up^ is the screen i am getting when i try and join my server. ive gone into the options part in the tekkit launcher and tryed it with every single option and i still cannot join can some one please help me other wise ive wasted money on a server and a mincraft account.
  4. ok sorry im not a regular on the forums but can any one help me with this ?
  5. ok im trying to join my server from awhile ago its been awhile since i last played and im receiving an error that says "the server requires you to have the followinhg mods" then it goes on to list all the mods. i have gone into the launcher and messed with the version and i have found the one i should be using and it still shows up. when i got up 1 version it wont even let me click on my server plz help i might be explaining it wrong sorry lol
  6. i cannot play my tekkit server with out these mods apparently so if some one could help me out with these id really appreciate it : mod_computercraft 1.33 mod_ccturtle 1.33 mod_ic2 v1.97 mod_railcraft 5.3.3 thank you