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  1. Let us not go to 'nam a lot. It is a silly place.

  2. Yeah, it's kind of annoying how every modder seems to think that for their mod to be balanced, the recipes need a trillion diamonds and you have to kill the Wither with wheat seeds twice before you can make the tier 1 items.
  3. When i want two start the new technic launcher he say me

    ,,You purchase a minecraft account to play,,

    How i will be resolved this problem.

    Help mee

    send mee a email on mai Yahoo

    [email protected]

  4. oh my god you are not dead!

    1. The Merchant of Menace

      The Merchant of Menace

      Yes I am. I'm a zombie. Grawr

  5. This has my seal of approval. Unfortunately the aquarium came and took it back to its habitat, apparently a kiddy pool is not an appropriate replacement.
  6. Hai. I like making random cameos.

  7. I'm still alive, not doing science though.

  8. Eh, it was on topic, and better than starting a duplicate thread.
  9. I clicked the link to your repo and a midget jumped out of my PC, punched me in the face, and stole my girlfriend. What the hell guy!? D:
  10. You guys are trying too hard. It's a lot funnier if it actually looks like a dumb ass post we could get. Rather than one of the ones we use to satirise those stupid posts.
  11. Huh. I have now learned that if someone crossquotes a post of yours into a thread you've never posted in, you get an alert.
  12. Well, this thread is certainly.. something.
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