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  1. they have decent sound, but they're fuckin' uncomofortable and made of very cheap plastic.
  2. i think he's just finding the whole experience rather limiting. i mean, the power suit's great and all, but it's nothing compared to the thaumic conundrum generated with a little tinkering.
  3. i testify that it is an exellent little brain wrangler.
  4. i got into the beta for it, thanks o an email blunder, and i didn't enjoy it. maybe if i had a specified control rig set up just for it, i might play it, but it's to fiddly to play with a mouse and keyboard.
  5. Looks like a week probation this time. I am very tempted to make it forever at this point. Get your shit together.

    1. okamikk


      yes sir, cheap shot overlord sir.

  6. yeah... I would advise dropping that retarded(Disclaimer: No offence intended towards beings afflicted with mental retardation) attitude you have there. You must remember some things before you start spewing bullshit all over our, relatively, squeaky clean forums. We do not tolerate idiocy of any sort around here, be it as simple as ignoring the rules, to acting like an entitled dickbag(a bag of dicks), to ignoring goodhearted advice given by, relatively, productive members of this here community. So heed my words and listen well; Your actions to this point have given you the squishy baby headness, and should they continue to refuse to utilise your nervous tissue, the moderators will be forced to put you out of your misery and toss you into the abyss of perma-banning, to which you will travel through the bog of temp-banness, if you are lucky.
  7. I have a piece of thread and a button, is that enough for a commission?
  8. in that video, it was the intro to the anime "Shingeki no kyojin", which i've seen being roughly translated to "attack on titan". 's pretty good. you should watch it.
  9. It's not about being a technic lover, it's about at least being able to realise your own bias, which this person does not seem to be able to do.
  10. if it had a good auto-balancing system, it could be very hard to tip over. have you seen the mulebot?
  11. I'll get the bodies of not-so-innocents for the pyre!
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