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  1. Really? This post has been around for about two months and nobody had the courtesy to respond? Thanks a frikking lot.
  2. It is a buildcraft tank, the water works fine with a buffer, but not the lava, and on my storage cell only 1 of 5 types is used
  3. Thanks for the help. As for logistics pipes, I think I would be more comfortable mixing them with an ME network for maximum efficiency.
  4. Hey again, I know I post a lot of stuff but I'm a total newb and I find forums are more reliable than mod spotlights. Anyway, so the logistics pipe trick with crafting pipes where you can use the satellite options and whatnot to say, smelt iron on demand? It seems very useful, and since logistics pipes is SO MUCH like Applied Energistics, is there any sort of analog to this? So I can have on demand outsourced smelting via a crafting option in my access terminal? Of course, I can do this by connecting a logistics network to my ME network and doing that, using my request pipe as a makeshift access terminal in that aspect. But, if I can do it all without leaving my access terminal, more power to me right?
  5. I have stored a lot of water, the import bus is set to always input regardless of signal just like the water, and I have one entire drive dedicated to fluid storage with 10 max capacity fluid storage units. The lava is going through the tesseract, into the tank buffer, but it isn't being imported.
  6. New Problem: My network seems to be working, but it will only store water, oddly. I have another tesseract connected that should be letting in lava, but it doesn't seem to be working. Can anyone explain this. I have no where to host my picture, so I can't show you the problem D: It is connected in the EXACT same way, but lava won't get in there.
  7. 1. Unfortunately, QUARRIES. If you don't like them, get out of here. There is the extremely late-game laser drill, which, when given line-of-sight to bedrock or the void, spawns a random ore when its work meter fills. Its from MFR. If you could figure out some Computer Craft wizardry to do the same thing, more power to you. 2. Best way to generate XP? Capture a mob in a safari net, put it in a mob spawner (MFR machine) use a grinder (which also retrieves the drops) and use fluiducts to get mob essence into a tank, make a straw, place a bucket full of mob essence, and drink the source block by right-clicking. Of course, now I remember the mob spawner machine requires mob essence, so if you really want XP, make an animal auto-farmer with planter, harvester, breeder, chronotyper (to move the baby when cows breed) let it grow, and a grinder will kill it and retrieve XP and the drops. 3. Yes, magmatic engines in the Nether are a good nearly infinite power source, but if you want late-game amounts of power, its either Atomic Science reactors or Big Reactors reactors. P.S. The Ender Thermic pump may be missing from tekkit ATM. 4. The only way to actually move mob spawners (vanilla) in this modpack IS the MFR single-use porta-spawner, but a cheaper option DOES exist. Get a mob spawner (its an MFR machine) and feed it mob essence, and put a safari net with a mob captured in it. It will spawn infinite amounts of the mob. Automation bonus if you feed it with the mob essence from above cow (most efficient food source) system.
  8. Turn on cheats for her. My friend and I play a lot of LAN on this modpack and cheats on is the only way we've been able to use it. As long as your sister is responsible.
  9. I'm still learning the mod, but it really is amazing. I'm typing this on my phone so I can't give you a link without it being a pain in the butt. I'll edit this when I get to the computer with a link.
  10. Basically, I want to know if it is possible to take my old Technic ssp world and put it in Tekkit Classic, to take a look back on the old days. Is this even possible? Is my world still floating around in my hard drive? I know that mo creatures won't be there, but I don't mind. I had a nice house, and part of the reason I want my world back is to remember exactly how it looked. Anyway, any help appreciated, etc, etc.
  11. Due to my growing interest in ME networks, I have noticed a hiccup. Since everything has to be connected with cables, and the wireless access terminal is fairly short ranged, is there any way to transfer items to ME networks far away, or bring some from one far away? I'm wondering if there is some RedNet wizardry with wireless redstone to activate a precision export terminal far away connected to a tesseract, allowing me to send items long distances and possibly accross dimensions without being there to throw a lever. If there is any way to select specific items I want sent, even better. Of course, I don't want to run a cable halfway accross my Minecraft world just to access my networks from far away. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. How do I add fluid storage? I think this is my problem. I've tried to use fluid storage cells but it will not click into my drives. I'll try again later and edit this to tell you my results.
  13. Ok, so i'm learning about Applied Energistics. Its an amazing mod, and in my testing world I already have a thing that sorts out and smelts any and all overworld ores it finds in its network, gives me back ingots, and displays the amount. However, my knowledge of the mod is reaching an eclipse. So, I decided to learn about Extra Cells. LONG STORY SHORT: Can someone give me a reasonably detailed guide about how to store fluids in my ME Network? I have a pump set up and a fluid tesseract (my network in the test world is very far away from water) and the transfer works, I just can't seem to shove it into my network.
  14. Well I took some time and figured out ME Networks, and everything just fell off the planet. Screw everything else. All I need is my giant, on-demand crafting, sorting, smelting (outsourced) and displaying chest. APPLIED ENERGISTICS FTW
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