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  1. Yall are so complicated. I would just use a bucket of that fluid and pretend im making a water fountain in vanilla Minecraft. That's the showcasing part at least. If you want to mass store it then ExtraCells would work. Maybe you could make the fountain using that bucket of liquid, say fuel, and have an ME Fluid Access Terminal at the base of the Fountain that contains just fuel. Like wise for Oil, Liquid Ender, etc. Or you could have all of the liquids in that one me system and access them at once if you are to low on resources. Please send pics id love to see how it turns up
  2. Might be a possible keybind issue, maybe, possible.... I have never heard of this issue happening in solo. Check your keybinds, what to look for, I cant help there. If you don't see anything unusual and you have tried changing it around a little (dont go crazy) create a copy of that world and save it on a flashdrive (just incase) and unplug the flashdrive and reinstall Tekkit. If it works then just move the world save into the game files. If it doesn't, then I honestly have no idea.
  3. Yes TE Fluiducts are not ideal for this situation. You might want to try using ExtraUtilities TransferNodes with several interaction upgrades in a couple of the nodes, then for actually sending the steam to the turbine you might want to use Tesseracts
  4. Well there are several ways to achieve your goal. You can use Itemducts with a pneumatic servo at the sending end of the pipe system (beside the chest). You can also use an Export Bus if you have a basic ME System up from Applied Energistics. You can try messing with the pipes from ExtraUtilities. The Itemducts and ExtraUtilities pipes are probably the best route for you as it seems you are just starting out and have few resources. The Itemduct route is typically the choice for most people, but you need to check the itemduct system every now and then as if you put several stacks of coal in the
  5. Very nice base, I am impressed. You have a very nice energy output from your turbines especially with the reactors only using 1 milibucket per tick. Now how many reactors and how many turbines do you have? Im guessing they are the same design if you have multiple reactors and turbines.
  6. Ah thanks for that. Direwolf seems to cover EVERYTHING.
  7. You can make, and please excuse my spelling, pnuematic servos, they require 2 iron, 2 redstone, and 1 glass, and with servo in hand I believe you right-click on the end of an itemduct (where it connects to a chest) and it will allow a variety of options such as disabling redstone signal so you don't have to use levers, and you can also whitelist/blacklist items so, just for you, you can choose which items get pulled out of that chest or get sent into that chest. Whitelist mode means only that item can go into that chest, Blacklist mode means only that item can NOT go in there. So say if you ha
  8. Ummmmmmm.... what? Anyone have any tutorials for this for me? This is worth looking into....
  9. Wow........ you all are so advanced...... I just use an ME system since they added ExtraCells to Tekkit.... lol only 4 blocks with so much more storage available. Of course it may be a little bit more resource costly but not to much of a problem if you have a Quarry and 1 or 2 MFR Laser Drill systems.
  10. I agree. Curunir's guide should have what you are looking for, plus more. Read through the whole thing, you'll be surprised what you will learn from that guide.
  11. Do you have an estimated date of when Tekki 1.2.10? So far everything has been working great. No problems yet...... yet.....
  12. Im learning more and more every day
  13. Thermal Expansion has improved about its variety in the Redstone Furnace and Pulverizer and other machines. In the latest updates for newer minecraft versions, Thermal Expansion has added new customization to it. You can make furnaces smelt faster, but use more energy, or the other way around. As Thermal Expansion continues to update then surely one day it will have the same funness as IC2 has
  14. I recommend using BuildCraft pipes ( *Material* Transport Pipe) which uses only glass and a few ingots. You will need: 1 Diamond Pipe (Sorts), 1 void pipe (destroys and items going into it) and some Golden Transport Pipes (you can use cobblestone if you are low on resources). Have 1 golden pipe coming out of the quarry into a Diamond Pipe. Have the void pipe on one side of the diamond pipe and configure the diamond pipe to transport any unwanted materials into the void pipe. Everything else should go into another row of transport pipe into your chest system. Eventually once you get used to
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