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  1. Join the server for a great community. Lots of Helpful players and staff. Towny is the best i have ever seen. Hope to see you IG. Ps Join my town.
  2. minecraft name: FatelMinerage: 25how long you are playing tekkit, and what your qaulities are in tekkit: I have been playing tekkit for about 3 years. My qualities are knowledge of tekkit goes past most. why you want to join this server: I want to join a whitelisted server, because you get a closer community with your players and there is normally no banned items.
  3. My question is how to get enough steam for your turbine. Nothing I do is working. So I'm just looking for a quick fix, as in size of the reactor and the turbine. Thanks fate
  4. I would recommend this server for the players that want to build great things. The town plug in they have worked on is the best I have ever seen. Also we have a great community with lots of towns. Thanks Fate Ps My town wants u
  5. FatelMiner Age: 24 Country: USA Years in MC 5 Years In tekkit 2 3/4 years I play to teach people tekkit mod Team speak, Skype Hope to see players in the server
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