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  1. Hey, server seems to be down.

  2. Hey guys, Someone was logging in with spoofed usernames causing a security breach. I had to rollback the server to reverse the damage. Unfortunately this has been going on for some time under the radar so the rollback is rather large. The rollback is from July 7 6 PM CDT. A login security plugin has been installed to deal with this vulnerability in tekkit. You will need to register a password upon your next login. You will need to use this password every login. If you forget your password you will need to contact me for a password reset. You can get more information about the plugin here. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. I don't have a problem with interdiction matrix at spawn as long as it not trapping players in an inescapable kill loop for an unreasonable amount of time. I checked your dimension. I don't see an issue. Let me know if you are still having problems with it.
  4. There was a problem in dimension -100 that was crashing the server on startup. Dimension -100 has been rolled back to 5/21 8 PM CDT.
  5. Anyone know what is causing this issue? [INFO] Disconnecting Player [/]: Failed to verify username, session authentication server unavailable!
  6. Hi Pinball, It's nice to see you on the server again. I'm doing fine. There have been a few raids while you were gone. The only veterans I have seen playing recently are you and Chris. The server has been fairly quite for the most part. Don't worry about the legacy items. I think they are an interesting aspect of the server. They give it unique history and character. I have been busy lately but I hope to catch you on the server soon.
  7. Migration is complete. Server is back online. Automatic restarts occur less frequently now. Every four hours instead of two.
  8. The server is going down on 8/27 for a migration to a new host. I don't have an ETA on how long the migration is going to take.
  9. Enforcement of the following rule is not feasible so it has been removed. "No hacking/glitching/duping/exploiting."
  10. The server is not for sale. There have been no updates to the server. If dimensional anchors behave differently I have no idea why. Random spawn will not be implemented. I prefer that all players spawn at the same location so the location builds character at an accelerated rate. Automatic server reboots have been modified. The server will automatically restart every odd numbered hour.
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