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  1. Tekkit modded server WIPE is complete! New map seeds and a fresh start for all! Read more: 🚀
  2. Tekkit server WIPE/Reset is complete! New map seeds and fresh start for all. Details here: 🏭
  3. Tekkit Server WIPE is complete! New Seeds and increased border, read more here: ?
  4. Tekkit Server WIPE/Reset is complete! Enjoy new map seeds and fresh world to explore! Space Exploration! ? Read more:
  5. We just upgraded the dedicated server for our Tekkit server! Better hardware and connection! Read more:
  6. Right, still, I can't find the link to Tekkit or Servers, but anyway, take care of those cats.
  7. What the hell is this? Please a moderator remove this topic. This is a scam, CraftersLand does nothing to do with this, this is misleading and should be removed!
  8. World Automation Modded Server update to latest modpack version 3.0.0! read more: