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  1. Is it only a problem with him? Have you tried it? Im assuming you are OP and he is not.... That might mean that there is a permission somewhere letting him travel to different worlds. If you don't have a plugin for permissions, making him op will solve the problem if you are able to go through.
  2. Firstly, I have the same "errors" on my server. They do not actually cause lag, at least not on my server. So just don't worry about that as much. Some things that I would try: use your same setup with forge and no mods and see if you get lag. That's big because if you are getting lag, it is not the mods. If it works, go through and add mods 1by1. Other questions... How many players do you have? How are you connecting to your server from your client? Do you have a bunch of background processes? Running both is tough for a computer. When you have em both running look at your system processes in task manager and see if you are destroying your computer... CPU usage, ram, disk..etc.
  3. I just rented a server from GG gaming. It honestly was a fairly decent experience and I would recommend it if you can use the 50% off code for the first month. I have ~80 mods and I got 6gb of ram. I have had around 8 people on with absolutely no lag and I am hoping to have at least 15 on with no problems. DO NOT take my word as gospel please. But I would send 3gb. Make sure you have the ability to upgrade your sever if you need it though. You may find you need 4gb but anything above that would be definetly overkill. Make sure you add the mods which improve server quality such as foam fix, better fps.. etc. TBH i am more comfortable with 1.12.2 server hosting.
  4. First off, I consider myself fairly decent at building a modpack/server and working with Sponge plugins. I managed to build a pretty decent server. I originally built it for my friends and I to play but they seem to not be as into the game as I am. What is the best way to get my server name out there to players who are mature and just willing to have a good time without having to crack down every day as a grief/world guard admin? Last time I promoted a server was on this site but the custom server modpack section seems fairly dead. Thanks for any advice in advance!
  5. I forgot to mention earlier that I am not running any biome-spawning mods such as bioms o plenty so I really don't know what is making these stupid biomes.
  6. I cannot figure out what mod is spawning these biomes. One seems to be just a regular forest all painted gray and the other one is just a swamp biomes that is extreThey give no real use other than changing all color blocks to gray. I want to disable this but I cannot figure out what mod is causing it to spawn. I am not running any biome spawning mods such as bioms o plenty and I have searched the config of every one of my mods. Please help!
  7. I am closing the server. Not that it was ever truly up in the first place. I am just so busy with school, work, and owning a business that I cannot get work on the server done. You may continue to use my modpack, I will keep it uploaded but I will do no more updates for it. I am truly sorry guys, I had a blast hosting for you and you were a great community. I hope you continue the Minecraft adventure. Many more mines await.
  8. Other than the new mod versions of sulfur (which will be disabled) is this a good amount of ore gen? I don't get a chance to play MC that often, so what do you think?
  9. I have released a new version of the modpack, 2.1.2. The modpack now includes Metallurgy! I have edited all the config files for the world gen that I am planning to use on the server. Metallurgy takes care of tin and copper generation by itself, while galaticraft and thermal foundation (expansion) take care of most other common ores. Of course metallurgy adds many other ores by itself and I have not touched these configurations. I have only found one exception to this, and that is when artifice creates its limestone, marble... etc and spawns tin and copper, it tends to use forestry ores. It is strange, but I cannot seem to find an option to fix that. Please test it out and let me know if you think the ore gen is too heavy or too light. Keep in mind we are looking for a server that is not incredibly hard to find ore, nor incredibly easy. Thanks!
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