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  1. Still fighting the IC2 crash. Happens with the server only client/single player runs fine. If I make a fresh server on my desktop computer it launches runs and plays fine, but on my hosted server using Multicraft it crashes.Here is the forge log. I see others have had the same problem (minus the multicraft connection?)here is the mantis bug tracker for IC2: This is a private pack my wife, daughters, and I play with using the Technic launcher. If I use any build higher then #371 I get the reycler whitelist/ server tick error. Maybe my map is corrupted some how? I can provide the modpack name if someone wants to take a stab at it just PM me. If I have posted in the wrong place I'm sorry just let me know where to post at!! Thanks for any and all help. Still fighting IC2 crash and I got this from the IC2 mantis bugtracker. I'm being told dartcraft will not work with IC2 builds higher then 371 once you build dartcraft machines (force grinder for example). Has anyone else had this issue? Just back from dartcraft's pages and found others with the same issue:
  2. chippewaguy13

    Launcher not updating my mod pack

    Ok that works thank you. When I changed the version number before I had not exited the launcher. Once I changed the version number and relaunched Technic it prompted me to update the pack. I had not understood or saw the change. I was looking for a way to mark this thread as resolved could not find one, if a MOD reads this please mark it as resolved.
  3. chippewaguy13

    Launcher not updating my mod pack

    No I did not. I never had before I always just left it alone and updated my config and mods folders. Do I now need to change version numbers too? If so thanks for the easy fix :-) I changed it to version 1.1 and it did not update :-(
  4. chippewaguy13

    Launcher not updating my mod pack

    I made changes to my modpack but the launcher does not grab the new version when I hit reset pack. If I go into the Technic/modpacks folder and erase my pack then launch Technic and re-add my pack then it grabs the new version. Is this something I'm doing wrong or is there a bug?
  5. chippewaguy13

    I am fed up with it constantly not work

    I think it may be your bin setup. you just rename the forge version to modpack.jar yours has a sub directory in it i do not recognize. Also I have never set up flans so not to sure how that sub directory set up works. When I make a modpack I just have bin, config, mods, and coremods.
  6. chippewaguy13

    Your minecraft has been cleansed ?

    SOLVED this error is caused by some dumb shit updating the server to 1.5.2 and the modpack files BUT FORGETTING to change the version of his modpack/server on the technic website!
  7. chippewaguy13

    Your minecraft has been cleansed ?

    My launcher keeps saying my minecraft is corrupt, that it has been cleaned and to restart the launcher. Rinse and repeat.... Meanwhile my minecraft launches runs fine, and I have redownloaded both the launcher and my minecraft. build 236 I see a verification error. is there a server down or something? What is odd is I can play my minecraft without a problem so the verification is working there.
  8. chippewaguy13

    My server only lags at night! tracert paste inside!

    I am running a blank box/dedicated server with vmware/esxi With 3 virutal machines running. the one with this server is an Ubuntu lamp server with only MyMcAdmin added. When these crashes start I see this in my console: Welcome back, chippewaguy13 [iNFO] Transforming ls using ls !test! [iNFO] Socket closed [iNFO] at [iNFO] at [iNFO] at Source) [iNFO] at [iNFO] at [iNFO] at [iNFO] at chippewaguy13 has left. [iNFO] chippewaguy13 lost connection: disconnect.overflow [iNFO] -28 My server has only one physical NIC
  9. chippewaguy13

    My server only lags at night! tracert paste inside!

    no it's a private server with at most 5 players at a time and this happenes with the other two server being empty. I run bukkitforge and I think maybe i have an out of sync bukkit plug-in (version i mean) will check that but I am out of ideas!
  10. Each night during peak play times my server begins to lag. chest will not open blocks respawn your normal lag stuff. then the overflow errors and socket reset crashes start. During all this ping is fine. and here is a paste bin of the trace routes. I am running this on a dedicated server and I have given it 12GB of ram. Any questions or suggestions?
  11. chippewaguy13

    crashing on joining server acts like it loads fine but when I go to join my server it crashes. I get the same crash on screen events. Any ideas?
  12. Any ideas? I have it running same set up in other types of launchers but unable to get it working with technic did I grab another blocked mod?
  13. chippewaguy13

    server crashes after a week ICBM and ATOMIC SCIENCE

    THANK YOU!!!!! IT WORKED!!!!! but was under just world on my server :-) !!!!!!!!
  14. If I start a fresh world it works fine for about a week then the server will not even load. If I erase the world everything is fine for a week then BOOM. Here is my forge log. can anyone offer some advice? And yes i did post this on the VOLTZ/UE page also so far no one can help.
  15. Does anyone know how to stop this? I have a problem though that has crept up on one of the servers/client it doesn't crash just keeps spam several times a second!! The galacticraft core has attempted to register an entity with an id of 0 this may cause problems then while playing my clients console starts spamming [info] [stdout] 0.0 then after about 10 times that stops then this starts [info] [stdout] 2000.0 when i look in my config i see I:idscematicirocketT1=0 will try deleting my conf file and see if it re-maps it which it does come right back to 0. I have left the game running for 20 minutes with this going on. it only shows in the client console not the server's. The game has been playing fine the whole time but that spam is running non-stop through the console is this normal and I just have never noticed it? I asked in another forums but I always seem to get better technical results here!