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  1. I host the server, but none of us has op. We also don't use any plugins. He is the only one who has this issue while going trough portals. (my other friend hasn't been on the server for a while).
  2. well it turned out to be issue with the mods. I had a bad version of hwyla and forgot to remove quark from my mods folder of the launcher. That resolved a lot of issue. Thanks. The server has 3 players (including me) so everything works just fine. My friend recently came across an issue with entering portals. He always gets stuck. What i mean by this is that, when he enters the portal and arrives to the nether he always teleport back to the overworld and than back to the nether (or aether, it happened with both portal so far). So the is in a constant loop of teleporting and can't get out. He can move but even if he does, he still get teleported back to the place he came from. How am supposed to solve this?
  3. So as the title says, i had a lot of problem with this server over the past weeks. There were many problems First of all, lags. Lots of them. I thought it might be because of Recurrent Komplex (because a lot of times the log said that the mod causes cascading worldgen lag). So i removed it. Than i also removed mystcraft because some times it also had the same messages in the log. But the server still lags and crashes. I often get kicked with the message fatal error, the connection was terminated or something like that. It also takes way long the modpack to load. (1.12.2, custom modpack with around 115 mods) My specs: i5-4440 750-TI 16 Gb DDR3 (6 Gb for server, and 6 for the launcher, ridiculous.) https://pastebin.com/5kA748PK
  4. Hi. I need your technical support again guys. I thought i finally solved this a few days ago when i posted my first post due to now solved issues. 1.)So as the title mentions it, the server is not crashing but instead it disconnects me from it. When this happens it says that there is a problem with MO creatures mod. (also it says that there is a problem with Tektopia when i enter the server, but of course i get disconnected after a few seconds). (also i removed stelar sky from the mods list) 2.)My friend can't connect to the server for some reason, but i did the port forwarding and hamachi network too. (sadly it seems that i must host the server and it's a hard task, because apparently 16GB of ram is not enough. i mean 6 GB is for the server and 5 is for the launcher ). https://paste.dimdev.org/duhifayave.mccrash I appreciate your help!
  5. Well, heck. The server seems to work now as i see (just pity for the "betterslabsmod"). Thank you for your help.
  6. Downloaded that, still getting crash. https://pastebin.com/WQ2wBhH7
  7. I've searched this issue all over the internet, but none of the web pages had answers to solve my problem. So this is the situation: my server has over 120 mods and it doesn't want to start. (side note: i know there is an issue with "backpack" and "movingworld" but i didn't found anything to help) (see the log above) https://pastebin.com/c0QBMML2 Pls help! thx in advanced !
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