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  1. The ban has been lifted. Don't freak out when you login. We will more than replace what may be lost.
  2. We banned you temporarily to prevent the crash. I'm taking the server offline from 8pm EST to about 8:30 to fix the issue. After that you should be able to join without issue.
  3. From the logs it looks like a pulverizor is derping out. Is there any way you can get on teamspeak? ts.aeonianrealms.com
  4. We believe there is some corruption involving OnixWarrior12's home. We've banned him temporarily until we can find out what exactly is going on. As soon as it's fixed we'll unban. I hope he/she sees this. Ban lifted. Need him to join so we can find out where he is when it crashes.
  5. Today is our Official Grand Opening. All the little quirks and kinks have been worked out thanks to all the beta testers: bczink turnerlewis daniel52113 Rexdaraptor DylanOfTheCraft APACHE_K94 WolfSaurus JacktheFlying adamantrune NightFire666 rubenx360 Menchy555 Jknixx Jack91198 Mmeesayshi rpayne123 bastrian aaronplayseve Driv3rino tristatus Errafu vesicavinco Sillyblaster TheDarkArcher123 MrSlimer57 BrownsKickButt kickbutt4 xX646Xx EldRoos darklex spider323d WeepingAngels19 klafkalasch Prince_Redd darkwarbomber AndrewAR64 Aldriik711 mordemer Cooncube bobbie_rotkop redwhat1234 antino13 rileyj
  6. Our grand opening is April 1st, but we're letting players in early to help test some things and notify us of any issues. We can't wait to hear from you.
  7. No whitelist, stable, competant staff, 24/7. GRAND OPENING April 1st Connect to: AeonianRealms.com What makes us different! We have a number of features that makes us very different from every other server out there. Quadruple all ore. You've done vanilla, why repeat it. All power gen is cranked up exactly 50% more. ModularForceFields cost 50% less power. No more poop/sludge lakes clogging up your quarries. No more Galacticraft Oil undergroung clogging quarries. You can fly with /fly. Spaceships won't explode. Oxygen collectors don't destroy leaves. Suffocation damage decreased. Y
  8. Thank you kindly for the reply. The user that runs the PHP pool also owns the files, but perms are 775 anyway. Solder is correctly linked to the platform. I'm not sure what you mean by the repo being linked to solder. My repo is "TechnicSolder/public/repo" accessible via "example.com/repo/" and despite the hash issues, the links generated in solder when you add a mod work perfectly. The only difference between this setup and my previous setup(other than distro) is that PHP is chrooted via PHP-FPM, which I need for security of vhosts. I created /dev/random and /dev/urandom in the chroot
  9. I've got a solder install on linux(gentoo) which is giving me some odd issues. All of the paths are correct and the links to download the mods works just fine. However, every file shows the same hash "d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e" adding a modpack fails saying the resource files aren't present Further, the PHP error log shows nothing new and the solder/laravel log dir "storage/logs/" is empty. Needless to say I'm beyond frustrated. Can anyone help me solve this? EDIT: The issue seemed to stem from lack of documentation of what the repo path is relative to, to which I still don't
  10. Not that I don't trust random applications from the internet or anything, but.... Would you mind describing the process you use to create these? I'm a much more DIY person and I like to know how things work behind the scenes. Starting from scratch I'm getting stuck at Forge for 1.6 because their website says using their installer is a requirement and I can't distribute the server jar legally.
  11. What is "DA" and how do I get "points" to give to you?
  12. Either you or someone on your server just came into the official Technic irc room and spammed your server address. If it was you, not smart. If it wasn't, I suggest you solve that problem.
  13. What does any of this have to do with Tekkit?
  14. Make a backup of any single player maps you have and delete %appdata%\.technic\tekkitmain I had the exact same problem and that fixed it. :)
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