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  1. Age: 23 IGN: Aqualizeed Reason you want to join: I want to join this server because of the small community part. I don't want an overpopulated server that gets messy after a couple of days of playing. I want to make new friends and play a game that I love while learning new things and hopefully teaching others something new occationally.
  2. Age: 22 IGN: Aqualizeed Reason you want to join: Because I want a small server with friendly people to play on. Bigger servers doesnt suit me very well. I'll have a lot of freetime in the afternoons/nights and I don't feel like playing on my own
  3. minecraft name: Aqualizeedage: 23how long you are playing tekkit, and what your qaulities are in tekkit: Been playing for about 6 months, my qualities are that I'm organized and an eager learner. why you want to join this server: Because I want to have a good gaming experience with mature and friendly people and to learn more about the game while being social rather than playing alone
  4. Keybinds were off, fixed those and the problem disappeared! Thank you for your help
  5. I'll check it out, thank you so much!
  6. Not on a server. Playing solo survival..
  7. Somebody has to know someting.. I'm about to go crazy.. I dont have this problem on tekkit lite or tekkit classic.. aaaargh
  8. It also automatically opens up a chest, furnace or anything when I put it down. Would really like to be able to turn this off and I need help doing so.. Aqualizees
  9. Hey, I've recently started playing tekkit and I love the game. I just have a problem when placing blocks. When I try placing one block by right clicking one time.. it places multiple blocks instead of just one. It's not a mouse issue nor is it a performance issue.. This is really annoying while playing as I have to mine out half the blocks I place down >.< Any help on how to fix this will be much appreciated! Aqualizeed
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