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  1. I'm on a Tekkit main v1.2.10cx server, and I'm looking for some Computer Craft Programs to monitor and control my actively cooled Big Reactor and the 25 turbines it provides steam for. Ideally it would also hook up to my bank of resonant energy cells and throttle turbines and fuel rods to match the energy consumption rate, and have some great status screens to show how many turbines are on, and fuel usage on the reactor as well as other status indicators. All of the programs I've found by googling are for use in ComputerCraft Versions 1.7 and above, but as we all know, Tekkit runs on 1.6 so most of the programs don't even start up, and the ones that do crash the server.
  2. I'm thinking volume will make up for the time of growth, like several fully upgraded planters. Do you know how the pearls are gathered? Do I use a harvester or do I just set up hoppers by each lily?
  3. Hey guys, I've used a mob spawner and a captured enderman to create an enderpearl farm in the past, but typically, something inevitably goes wrong and I end up having hundreds of loose enderman destroying everything. Is an ender lily farm a better solution? Any feedback would be great. Thanks.
  4. There is a cool, but slightly goofy way by using railcraft and power carts.
  5. I would just switch to using ender chests at either end instead of transport pipes
  6. Try flux pipe for attaching rf power to machines. you'll have to use engineers toolbox in order to make the stuff needed.
  7. Also, only the power taps touching the acid seem to actually work, all others will not allow you to change the input and output settings.
  8. It is actually more efficient to just use flux pipe and the solar flux solar panels instead of the IC solar panels. In order to make flux pipe you'll have to set up an engineers toolbox module to make the sweet redstone ingots.
  9. Build a compacting recycler and have it hooked up to a MV EU power source. add any metal.
  10. OK, you have to have at least one of your power taps set to extract. empty hand shift right click to switch between modes.
  11. So, I've only used Big Reactors with the tekkit mod pack. What kind of coolant are we supposed to use in our reactors in legends?
  12. That is strange, because I have my quarry being run by 7 LV solar panels going through a bridge. Edit: I will get a screen shot or a short video to show my setup.
  13. i had to go all the way to the 128 size (was tryin to use 512) of bdcraft. after that, all was golden.
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