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  1. Hi which power cable shall I use to connect to the power tap on a bigreactor. I canot find Anny I the modpack that works.
  2. Upgraded to 1.2.1 and server didn’t start. Found out that if I in the World folder deleted DimensionalDoors catalog and 2 DimensionalDoors files in the rot folder and Loaded the world as standalone in tekkit launcher and answered yes to mods that wehre missing. Then copied the world folder to the server and it loaded and I could connect. But 2 big chunks where many off my buildings where, didn’t load it was replaced by dirt and stone. Open my world in old server 1.1 and noticed that the chunks missing in 1.2.1 all contained galacticraft stuff. So I deleted all parachest, nasa workbench and fuel loaders. Then all off my world loaded in 1.2.1, even my moon base containing same galacticraft items loaded correctly J Only problem now is power my old magmatic engine setup doesn’t work because magmatic engines not exist anymore. And kinesis pipe doesn’t connect to my redstone energy cells anymore.