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  1. Your Max Input and Max Output need to be more than zero to allow energy to get in and out. Push the + button to adjust it up.
  2. Make sure you're connecting to an input side on the energy cell. I believe that's blue corners. sides can be configured in the energy cell's UI.
  3. Obsidian Brick also seems to have a high blast resistance, but it can still be mined like stone bricks. Good if you make a few mistakes in manual placement.
  4. Numbers aside, I'd try uninstalling / deleting your current tekkit files, then relaunch with 1.1.7 selected. You may have to reset any custom configuration options.
  5. I think it's only an issue if you're doing ME crafting. From the AE website: "Keep in mind that changing ME Network causes the ME Controller to reboot, and any currently inprogress Crafting Jobs will be canceled."
  6. A pale transparent blue? Sounds like the chunk border overlay to me. Press F9 to cycle through several types of overlays until you get back to clear.
  7. I've recently learned to love the hopper. It doesn't require power or signal, it pulls and pushes, and it waits for space, so nothing will overflow. My simple setup was: Chest > hopper > pulverizer > chest > hopper> furnace > chest Dumped ores in the first chest, results ended up in the last. I could also put things in the mid chest if I just needed them cooked.
  8. NEI shows the energy production value for most fuels in the interface when you hover over it. () If you watch a Biofuel Generators GUI as it's working, you can see it consume 1 mB every half second (10 ticks), producing 160MJ each.
  9. You can place one item in more than one coloured output on the Diamond Pipe, with proportional sorting. If you put one gold in the green output, and two in the yellow output, 1/3 of the gold will go out the green, and 2/3 through the yellow.
  10. What if you log off for only a few minutes? Is everything still gone, or is it partially drained? If you can show us pictures, perhaps someone can see something out of the ordinary. Also, Biofuel is 16 MJ/t for 10000 t. That's 160000 MJ per bucket, processing one bucket every 8m20s per generator. It would take over two months of non stop power drain for one generator to consume all that fuel.
  11. ME dark cable can disconnect segments of network, so it can probably be used as a switch for the Export Buses.
  12. I find that having ins and outs combined really slows down the flow of liquids in and out of the system, because a significant amount of flow is just looping in a circle through the lines and tanks. One more on each corner would make it like a cluster of four of my small layers, which is actually a bit more space efficient for 16 managers than my large layer. Good of you to highlight that. But again, looping ins from outs causes a lot of unnecessary flow, even when the system should be idle. Seeing the Biofuel Generators in the background also makes me think that a similar layered design would work for power generation. The designs would be different, since there wouldn't be a requirement for the redstone signal lines... but that's a different topic for a different thread.
  13. So I was standing in my front yard, looking at a huge oil geyser, and thinking, "I should collect that, but where can I put it?" We have great storage systems for items, like iron chests, deep storage units, even entire ME networks, but what about liquids? It would take hundreds of glass tanks to store the thousands of buckets of oil I was standing on. Dear forums, how do you store your mass amounts of liquids in Tekkit? I'll tell you my idea, you can tell me yours. I first checked the forums for mentions of liquid storage. That's when I found Gildan27 mention the Liquid Manager. ( A block that holds 128 buckets? Great! But they are't designed to interconnect like tanks, each one will need liquiduct inputs and outputs, and redstone signal. And I want the systems to be efficient and expandable, to easily add more room when I need it. A layered approach should work! So, here's a small layer system. One redstone block (or rednet cable for multilayers), four liquiducts, and four liquid managers, for 512 bucket capacity per layer in 3x3 block space. Liquiduct and redstone lines accessible from the top or bottom. Can be stacked indefinitly. Also, medium sized layers. one signal block, eight liquiducts, eight liquid managers, 1024 buckets per layer in 5x5 block space. And, large layers. four signal blocks, twelve liquiducts, sixteen liquid managers, 2048 buckets per layer in 7x7 block space. runs the most managers on the fewest ducts. Bonus: the large layer has four independant liquid segments, for storing up to four different liquids. Bonus bonus: the space in the middle of a large layer can hold a small layer, for a fifth independant liquid, or a total 2560 buckets per layer. Since gravity has no effect, these layers can also be build on their sides and stacked horizontally. Now the question is whats the best way to hook up the ins and outs to the system...