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  1. someone around here was gathering all the texture pack addons that tekkit needed as he found them... i kinda forgot who he was though....
  2. never had this happen to me.... maybe its your AE. regarding the area chunk loaded. are you playing SSP or SMP? ive noticed that if the server restarts you need to load the areas personally for chunk loaders to take effect (it happened to me with quarries y placed on the moon) i noticed that if i left at night and the server restarted the quarry stopped working, and i had to go there personally for it to load again and keep working. dunno if this is somehow mixed with the AE network shutting down, but it certainly explains why you could be loosing the signal, which then creates another error..... might just be wild speculation... XD
  3. never really thought of this... but i think you're suffering from lack of power... try pluging each to a side of a tesseract.... also.... why 4 ? and i cant really make up how each is connected to the ME cable. other than that looks ok.
  4. try using spot loaders, those allow you to load just one chunk, expand as needed. the bonus of using spot loaders is that it allows you to load irregular áreas, instead of sticking to the weird ones the dim anchors offer. regarding your issue with the QEB, why not give us some images of your setup...that will surely help us get an idea of what youre doing.
  5. i mean like === Means QEB --- means wireless or physical connection [singularity A1] ====== Pocket Dimention ==== [singularity A2] ------ [singularity B1] ==== Nether ==== [singularity B2]
  6. what i do know is that you should Avoid at all costs things like os.pullEvent and stuff that starts taking too much processing power. just keep it simple.
  7. are those quantum networks like relays? like one quantum bridge connected to the end of another network coming from the first quantum bridge? maybe there is a limit as to how many you can plug in seccession, maybe they cannot be connected like that.
  8. look, ill start by saying that i dont do much programming but i know a little. what i believe you need is a "function" set up a function for everything you want to show in that monitor, then add another function called Draw or Whatever. once you're done with all the functions start with the main program, the one that will request all the computers for status and then at the end call for the Draw() function using all the info stored. Edit: my post was too ambiguous or W/E ill explain a little more. Function getEngineStatus() Code to get the status and store it in a variable goes here end and one more function for each data you want to represent, or maybe all in one. after that you start the program telling it to actually call those functions and store the values as you see fit. after that tell it to display each value at a specific coordinate to make sure that each one lines up as you want. basically, the code you showed us would be the function for Engine status.... some other pc would give you the status for the fuel tanks, the current heat level, the amount of mobs in an area etc etc.
  9. http://bdcraft.net/community/pbdc-patches-rel-packs/tekkit-t274.html thats the link plowmanplow provided us in the post weir talks about.
  10. hmmm all i can think of is a small checklist.... maybe provide with some images? check that the cables are plugged into the Big squares surrounding the QEB.... remember only the 4 direct blocks get energy or trasnsport info. the center does not transfer data either!!! make sure that both, your system and the QEB's are properly powered. remember they do NOT take power from the NEt but from direct power sources. is the other side properly chunk loaded? you said 4, bridges.... are you absolutly sure all the bridges belong to the one network? try getting access to the controler and see the number of bridges currently part of the system.
  11. Steam funnels have no requirements as to how many you can stack, nor the reactor. place them as you need them. i placed several up to 3 high because i wanted all the steam coming out at the same height.
  12. if you tried all the sides top, bottom and back and it doesn't pump out it probably cant in the first place.
  13. 1. i might sound like a broken record, but if you really want it to be efficient you should removed the turbines from the steam and pipe it outside. 2. one REC should be enough and it should also be able to be self sufficient. adjust the power output of the REC so that it remains charged but you see some change in the charge. 50 to 55 Mj/t should be enough. 3. as for how much energy it produces... cant say about your setup, but ive seen some people crunch numbers with other setups and they climb up to 6 Million Mj/ deuterium cell used. 4. not reliable as backup energy as it takes some time to run. should be the other way around... main power this, backup a magmatic array or bio fuel. and pretty much what jakalth said
  14. keep in mind most of these mods start with the idea that they could be the only mods installed, so they are made self sufficient. sawmill would be awesome in a modpack without something as harvesters. also why every mod has a tool specfic for it... no one knows if they'll have omniwrench installed. xD
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