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  1. Will modular force feilds protect the base? Have not tested but was wondering for myself.
  2. Last night I had some corruption or something in my 1.6.4. test world which is in 1.2.5., single player. I looked at a dimensional anchor interface and the game closed. No crash report or anything. Then after that the game closed immediately every single time I tried to load the world. I was able to save the world by deleting the dimensional anchor mod before loading the world. So the anchor was defiantly the source of the game closing. I have no idea if this an issue with the new 1.6.4 version or if the computer gods just decided to strike me with a random bit of misfortune, but I thought I would mention it in case any other person has had an issue with the dimension anchor.
  3. I always recommend people check out thermal expansion if they are new to the pack. Thermal expansion provides many kool utility machines. The pulverizer lets you double the ingots you get from ore, The induction smelter which can make hardened glass and even give three ingots per ore once you get some rich slag. You can make lava and ice with some machines. Thermal expansion even adds power storage and engines or dynamos to make power.
  4. Just so you know Shawn and Redsector, you can actually make Inter-linking books with Mystcraft that link within the same dimension. You simply need to drop a ender pearl or two into the ink-mixer and have a small amount of luck.
  5. So i just switch from 1.2.2 to 1.2.5. and the coercion driver works now!! That means it is now entirely possible to convert MJ to RF by using the modular forcefeild mod!! Uber Woot!
  6. While I am sure some people can. I could not. I have never changed my skin, or backed up a world, or taken a screenshot, or changed a config file. I am about as able to make a mod pack as I am to spin straw into gold. It is not easy for everybody. That is one thing those comfortable with tech knowledge seem not to appreciate. It took me a year to figure out how to turn off my windows 8 laptop. Back to my original question, are you saying you think the plugin API won't diminish the need for the tekkit pack because large packs will still require much work??
  7. Lethosos and Gio.... Those would both be awesome additions to the pack but don't you think you are completely failing to help Coupe with his concerns by appealing to mods that are not in the pack??
  8. In the launcher before you start the actual game their is a little gear icon at the bottom of the tekkit icon on the left side. Select it and then switch it from the recommended build to the latest one. Be warned though it is highly recommend that you back up your world before trying a version that is still being tested. I actually just made a new world cause I don't know how to do that. It might not be a bad idea to start a new world even if you are comfortable making a back-up because this is an update with lots of big changes and things work a bit differently now.
  9. If they fix that one block to accept MJ it fixes the issues with the update though because the correction deriver can take in and out put both MJ and RF. It could be used to create a power converting system.
  10. I was watching a snapshot spotlight on the new version of vanilla MC and it looks like they finally got rid of numbered block IDs in preparation for the upcoming plugin API. Will the launch of a successful plugin API mean the end of the need for the Tekkit pack? If combining mods becomes as easy as dragging and dropping will there be any need for what you guys do here? I sort of hope not. While I would welcome the ability to put together my own mod packs I have a certain fondness for Tekkit, if it disappeared I would be sad. EDIT for clarity; That is to say I hope that tekkit pack will still be around, not that I hope there won't be a need for what the tekkit pack offers.
  11. Unfortunately the new Tekkit pack never had rail-craft as it is an older mod. Elevator tracks ARE awesome. I would program some turtles to act as an elevator. Have one at the top that is programed to go down wait a few seconds for you to get off and then go back up. Then have another turtle doing the reverse at the bottom. You could also just use a mystcraft portal and save yourself the climb all together.
  12. SO I noticed that the correction derive from modular force fields mod says it accepts both MJ and RF right on the interface of the machine, but it is not currently producing force energy if fed MJ in the latest version. BC pipes show a line of power flowing to the machine. Just thought it might be an oversight or a glitch from changing version. If it was not a glitch or oversight I would suggest changing the interface of the machine so it does not tell players it can accept MJ.
  13. I have to say that I have been testing the new build and I have been getting minium shard drops. The actual minium stone does not make any thing but I was able to craft it.
  14. So it seems to me that in the new version the contents of build-craft pipes don't save when the world is quit and reloaded. Anything in a BC transport pipe is lost when this happens.
  15. I was just wondering what PIM is? Is that something that is being added in the new build?
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