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  1. I probably shouldn't be bumping a month old thread, but considering the rest of the board seems to be endless shitty spam bots, I don't really think I'm harming anyone. I'm not dead either. I kind of was done with minecraft for a long time, feel ready to come back to it. Probably going to look into modding a bit more since I have more programming experience now.
  2. I'm kind of impressed you manage to successfully get more attention with shit posts than real art consistently.
  3. Particularly aggressive spam attack going on in off topic right now. I can't even tell what they are selling, it's all engrish.
  4. Liking it so far, I have a few minor questions and concerns: Each pack now has a little tag that says "Solder enabled" if it uses solder, does this mean that solder is going to recieve an update soon or is it just a new interface change? Everything feels really unresponsive. On the V2 launcher, clicking things would instantly or close to instantly. On this launcher, there can be a 1-5 second delay clicking anything. It makes the whole thing feel very clunky.
  5. I thought it previously was CofH core, but they all have the default values. Was it changed?
  6. It's packaged with some nasty adware. It's pretty bad and leaves a bad impression on those who don't know about technic.
  7. You probably should post in a different section and read what sections are for. A good, thorough rule reading may also help.
  8. AVG doesn't block it anymore if I remember correctly Malwarebytes scanner is fine. I don't know about their paid active protection.
  9. You can't have laptop, gaming, and under 1000$ unless if "is bad at" prefaces the gaming part. Build a desktop, I can guarantee you can find a case that will fit how much room you have.
  10. Portfolio? Really? I understand you are paying them, but Tekkit Classic isn't very popular so it is likely to go to waste.
  11. A good trick is to take some mythos names, for example, greek deities, and see if you can make them names for ores. For example: Hephatite (photetic) - named for greek god of fire, metalworking, and crafts Kreiorite (cray-o-rite) - modified version of Kreios, greek name for Crius, one of the 12 titans.
  12. He isn't asking how to make a modpack, just how to get something from ICBM in technic.
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