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  1. Before i finally start a new community what im looking for is an experienced server developer. By this i mean someone who knows exactly what there doing setting up a server efficiently. Next and want people or that person to recommend me a very popular modpack. After a few hours or days depending on the frequency of this topic Ill be grabbing a right up 12Gb Server and a website. Thats all the details im gona spit out first, im taking baby steps. If interested add my skype: yogibear20123
  2. I am currently constructing a new Crafting Dead Server but i need some or mayor help. What im looking for: One of the following Options 1) A completed map suitable for crafting dead server. 2) A near completed map suitable for crafting dead server. 3) A map maker looking for a server to build there map on. Or Finish there map on. (You can hire your own team freely) 4) A team to build me a map. (You will be permanently Benefited on this server) 5) Fill in the form below to be able to build an island or buildings or citys or airfields ect Name: (Your Exact IGN) Age: (Your age)
  3. Ill definetly have to look into doing something like that nice suggestion o.o Iv searched the wiki but i dont want to copy names i want unique ores Irelantium, Spainite, Italium - - - - - Interesting X_X
  4. Wo0ps forgot about this thread, college has been storming me with work............ Well I just wanted people just just blurt out anything from metals gemstones crystals to fuels and fantasy and just about any form of miscellaneous types of ore names. I dont want to take existing ore names cause alot of people tend to actually complain or in my experience people complain about that stuff..... Ultimately ill end up spending hours on generators which i kinda dont wanna do so anything is helpfull even a single name with a catch
  5. Can you own more then 3 modpacks? or is this the absolute max allowed owned? Is there a way to be able to obtain more then 3 without a new account?
  6. Mod-Pack has been Totally refurbished and is now Version 0.2.0 Any problems comment below. Mods need removing or added comment below!
  7. 0.1.0 Has been released, any and all feedback is wanted, espeshally harsh feedback
  8. Mod-Pack is at an early launch, If anyone who plays it can give me feedback on the Mod-Pack that would be totally helpful! Hell you can just test it and never play it again if you want to give me a hand. Options for feedback: 1) - Lag 2) - Stability 3) - Missing Mods 4) - Mods not working 5) - Mods that need to be added 6) - A mod that requires another mod 7) - Most of all: What does this Modpack need or Does not need!
  9. A new 1.7.2 Modpack called Wreckkit, I would love if people gave it a try and gave me feedback on the mods used in this pack. If there are any mods that should be removed Comment below. If there are mods u want me to try and add Comment below. Download Link to Platform URL: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/172-wreckkit.327617 -=[ModPack]=- Mod List: -=[A]=- - Abyssal_Craft - Advanced_Dispensers - Advanced_Genetics - Applied_Energetics - Advanced_Machines
  10. It finally works D: So that was my problem then aparantly a version a little to high and RARing instead if ZIPing, Makes me happy that it finally let me load up a world with BOP! Thanks for the help plow you have been so wonderful! Wanna take a ponder at the mods and tell me if theres anything missing or shouldint be there or if there fine atm ?
  11. Ah.... Iv actually didint notice that when i RARed the files it sometimes went to zip.... I just ziped the pack with the recommended 1027 i think and it installed and requested 1053 so now that i know its suppose to be ZIPed thats half the battle xD Now the question is will it work >.> Ill keep you informed!
  12. When i change the forge build it downloads from 1% to 100% 3 times and fails in the end only time it does the installation progress is when version 1057 is in the modpack.rar >.> I may have to test it mod by mod untill something stops working :Z unless anyone knows the problem or can solve it Edit: Platform link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/172-wreckkit.327617
  13. Yeah of course https://www.dropbox.com/s/56oslmu2cvuvuwn/modpack.zip The combo works fine in vanilla forge minecraft so im a little puzzled and have made minor changes to the configs eliminating a few ID conflicts EDIT: Strange part to me is there was no errors or id conflicts when i was testing it the vanilla minecraft forge way (Faster to test) This may have been a bad mistake D: EDIT: Technic URL: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/172-wreckkit
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