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  1. Yeah but some people not giving names are too lazy to google search how to make a minecraft mod it's sad
  2. How to make a mod for dummies WINDOWS GUIDE Ok now I've seen many people on technic forums that ask "I wanna go into Modding how do i do it " even saw on a moderators *cough*neowolf*cough* profile feed they asked so heres a guide: Download Minecraft Coder Pack Download Eclipse Luna Download Java Development Kit 8 Download Forge Src (MUST BE SRC NOT INSTALLER OR UNIVERSAL) Make a Folder to keep the mod stuff in Drag all of the MCP files and put it in your mod folder Once you Fully installed JDK open a folder then go to if your 64bit Program Files if your 32bit Program Files x86 go to Java then JDK whatever the version is use version 1.80 u5 because their is some good features in it then go to bin then look at the path bar click on the empty space your java path should be something like C:Program FilesJavajdk1.8.0_05bin then go to Computer/Preferences/Advanced System Settings/Environment Variables/ go to system variables then scroll down to Path then click on the path and click edit you should see the path its probably from your graphics company then go to the bottom of that path then put in a semi colon; so it should be your system path;"Your Java Path" with quotes then press Ok then Ok then Ok then exit computer prefs Backup minecraft Clean install your minecraft Copy your bin folder in the .minecraft folder Open up your Mod folder Go to the jars folder Paste minecraft bin into the jars folder Take the Forge folder from Forge Src and put it to the main directory of your modding folder Open Forge Double click install or something and it will install the packages for forge Go to Mod/src/minecraft/ you should see something hopefully familiar Make a new folder called your name or your modding alias Make a new folder inside MCMaster87 or whatever your alias is doesn't have to be a alias so make the new folder called whatever you want Open Eclipse then select a workspace it should be Mod folder/eclipse And their you go now all you have to do is learn java and code away!
  3. Why don't you get a Asus Republic Of Gamers Laptop
  4. It all started when i went off technic (The launcher and the website) to have a party then 3 days later my account got hacked, so i couldn't login i pressed Forgot Password and put in my email address, but when i got on Gmail it said there was suspicious activity on my email and that i had to wait 24 hours before i could change my password and log back on. After waiting a day and catching some good sleep (you should try this sleep helper app called SleepGenius its basically a white noise) so i changed my password, and i forgot what i was supposed to be doing i whole reason i remembered was because i was doing some YouTube channel browsing and found Dragnoz (Check him out) He has a Attack of The B-Team lets play then i remembered so i changed my password for technic, and found out they made a post on my profile but i got rid of it
  5. Lol the current version of Java is 8 U5 but i have both 7 U60 and 8 U5 i never had java 6, 5, etc
  6. Why didn't i think of doing that will i guess i was caught up with C++ I'll try to get something out of actually being through it's probably a Syntax error
  7. You probably already have already fixed this but TOO BAD I'm saying how to make a modpack: Download ForgeModLoader (Make sure to use the universal .jar and the latest one too) Rename ForgeModLoader.jar to modpack.jar (Do NOT capitalize modpack.jar) Make four folders (Maybe more if you have mods like Flan's mod or ChocoCraft) bin, mods, coremods, config (Again do not capitalize) Add modpack.jar to the bin folder Add your mods and dependencies in mods (do not put dependencies in the coremods folder, Also you need the mods from the ORIGINAL authors ) Zip all the folders together and call that whatever you want So that's how to make a modpack I'm not going into debugging or whatever i missed to making a modpack
  8. Read the Modpack desc I'm working on getting them
  9. I didn't rip off your signature because I'm actually under 50,000 different names I also can and will kill you you can have my PMC name but if anyone finds out any of my aliases i have people to find and kill you I'm kinda privacy conscious i have disposible email addresses credit card numbers etc but i can give out info but not any info that you can track me down also you can't change the member title now or am i looking in the wrong place
  10. I found it out Alpha 0.4 i had a DEV build of CalclaviaCore
  11. Changing file extensions is hard you should download FileExtensionChanger
  12. Has this changed now or am i looking in the wrong place
  13. i wonder how long it took for Hexxit to get permissions or Tekkit or even Atttack of the b-team
  14. Oh thank god because i thought that i needed permissions oh wait i looked it up and some authors like Reika says that they will terminate/shutdown my modpack
  15. skittles_anator should be banned for meming up a democrat that means hes a republican and republicans are EVIL and just so someone has a reason to make a reason to ban me: Camptown ladies sing this song, Doo-da, Doo-da Camptown racetrack's five miles long Oh, de doo-da day. What thats not annoying how about 10,000 times JK How is it not annoying it got me a warning point well i guess i was drunk and added the full lyrics to Imagine Dragons Radioactive so yeah .
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