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    a sack in mexico
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    breaking out of the sack in mexico
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  1. I am goooone for 7 weeks, tortu- i mean family vacation :(

  2. If Kitty Jail didn't get locked after 20000 posts, i think this is okay. Someone please say how to change member status.
  3. Whenever i click a paint mixer, i crash. Idk how to get crash logs, I'm stupid
  4. Full guard patterns and therefore cutlasses are now unobtainable (in a neew world).
  5. Now that this has gone TOTALLY off topic... WHO HERE LIKES POTATOES?!?!?!
  6. Somewhat new. I've been browsing the forums even before i got an account and I know that EVERYONE ALWAYS goes off topic. I don't want that here, but my efforts may be fruitless.
  7. Make a mob arena with, like, auto spawners and dispensers.
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