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  1. Make sure your not in Adventure Mod. Type /gamemode s to be certain.
  2. I think you can use it to troll people by leaving it in the world and when someone touches the stuff it makes them teleport randomly.
  3. Make a vanilla mob farm that kills from height damage. Build an LXP Collector and place it in the middle of the kill zone. Add one fluiduct and connect an LXP Catalyzer then add one Fluiduct to the bottom of the LXP Catalyzer. Add a tank right next the the LXP Catalyzer and connect the bottom Fluiduct from the the LXP Catalyzer to the tank. Now, connect the top of the tank to the top Fluiduct of the LXP Catalyzer so that the tank and the LXP Catalyzer create a closed loop with the LXP Collecter at the top. all 3 should be connected in a closed loop using 4 Fluiducts. At the bot
  4. The rendering issue is with Minefactory Reloaded machines flickering and if you use shaders everytime you morph all the shadows turn off.
  5. @ Kal The whole point of the page is to promote a spawn village not the replies.
  6. The only Natura trees I have seen are the redwood tree in the redwood biome, the willow tree, and the trees in the Nether but in creative there are all sorts of trees I have never seen spawn in a survival.
  7. That place is great too bad I'm playing on vanilla right now and I was looking for a village to edit into my world.
  8. You should incorporate the fix for the Flan's Titans in this version.
  9. I never built doors with a side with "a light block" I placed a bunch of doors inside a sealed square with torches and placed a villager inside.
  10. I also use Tinkers heavily for clear glass. I just use a timer with an item duct but it lags my game pretty good.
  11. It's difficult for me because I'm a redstone idiot. I just use a timer and item ducts or fluid ducts to tanks. It's all rudimentary and that is probably why I don't use it beyond killing villagers or doubling ores.
  12. I just bookmarked the website. I didn't understand what it meant until iEmeraldGolem explained it was the doors. BTW: Is there a specific way for the doors to face?
  13. Wish I could get a tutorial or step by step illustration of that tinkers construct set up!
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